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Donator Benefits

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Normal Donator

  • Removed Requirement for Agility Shortcuts
  • Ability to restore HP/Spec on altar every 2 minutes
  • Ability to use Bones on Altar
  • 25,000 GP instance fee for Corp instead of 150,000
  • Half off retrieval fee for Zulrah
  • Free potion decanting at Bob Barter
  • Glories will be re-charged with 6 charges instead of 4 
  • Dragon bones and Green d'hides will become noted upon dropping from an NPC
  • You will receive 50 vote tokens per site you vote on instead of 25
  • Half off entrance fee to the Resource Arena
  • Cancelling Slayer tasks costs 15 points instead of 30
  • ::yell command

Extreme Donator

  • All of Normal Donator Benefits
  • ::status command to show the status of all your current farming patches
  • Free item retrieval from Zulrah
  • Following item's will turn into noted form upon drop from an NPC: Dagannoth bones, Lava dragon bones, Bronze bars, Iron bars, Steel bars, Mithril bars, Wyvern bones, Uncut diamonds, Uncut rubies, Uncut emeralds, Uncut sapphires
  • Ability to change spellbooks on the Home Altar
  • X2 Pest Control Points, Stacks with events e.g if doing a 2x event for server you get 4x
  • Home altar restores run energy and removes venom
  • 15% Faster Farming on all patches
  • Cancelling Tasks costs 10 slayer points
  • Access to the Extreme Donator Store

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