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8/9/17 Wild-Isle updates #2

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  • Added more wild teleports via the teleport wizard at home.
  • Added ::clearbank command with 2 disclaimers to prevent players from clearing the bank.
  • Monsters that drop pieces of items will now drop whole item instead, at same rate.
  • Players will now drop emblems on death.
  • Added ::duel command and ::mb command to teleport players to the mage arena and duel arena.
  • Added key master teleports to the misc. items shop outside home bank.
  • Added lottery npc for upcoming 10m OSRS gp giveaway.
  • All players can now use the altar @ home to change your magic book.
  • Added 44's and 35's teleports
  • Improved rates on Arena Mages
  • Removed thieving requirement for the Rogue's Chests
  • Moved slayer ring, and ring of recoil to the misc. items shop outside home bank. [free now]
  • Removed blood money drops from two aggro npcs in wild that are meant to respawn quickly, and die easily. This prevents ridiculous blood money farming. NPC's: Rogue's @ rogues chest and Dark Warriors.
  • Added a rune shop to home shop area.
  • Maximum online connections has been changed to 2 from one IP address.
  • Changed the price of mystery boxes in donor store to 3500 platinum tokens. This will equal out to $3.50. I have buffed these boxes to the point where it is 100% worth it.
  • Changes blood money from wild NPC's to x3 their respective hit points instead of x5. I have been monitoring drops all day.
  • xatCMzfKSQGsoQAWgEMYaw.png
  •  Loot from 50 mystery boxes. Results will never be the same two times.

More to come!

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