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8/8/17 Wild-Isle Updates

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  • We have reverted the clan chat to have all players join "help" on login. Our reasoning behind this: Players were not even aware of there being a world 1 last night. We want new players for both our servers to fit the wants, and needs of every potential player. If you have a problem with the clan chat being shared, you can create your own, or ignore list players that you do not wish to communicate with.
  • Fixed wilderness boss timer, will now spawn every 30 minutes.
  • Accuracy formulas have been modified to suit OSRS standards.
  • Players will now get 1-1.5k blood money per regular kill, and 2-2.5k blood money for a target kill. Subject to change as we see fit.
  • Boss keys are now tradable, and will be lost upon death.
  • Fixed Multi-Combat issues in the wilderness.
  • Leveling up Skills to 99 will now grant you 10k Blood money.
  • Removed second Chaos fanatic spawn.
  • Added a free Supply shop to give players useful items. Speak to "Miscellaneous Shopkeeper". All of the previous general store items can be found here.
  • Teleport to house tab has been added, and will teleport you home.
  • Added Ruby Bolts (e), Diamond Bolts (e), and Dragon bolts (e) to Lowe's shop, along with Mithril, Adamant, and Rune darts.
  • Re-arranged the teleports so PvP teleports are at the top.
  • Lowered select Blood money shop prices
  • Removed Slayer level requirement from all NPC's
  • All wilderness ditch bugs have been solved.
  • Drop rates will now be x4 of Lost-Isle.

What's to come

Blood money will be a featured reward from pest control. We will decide wether to use points, or just reward each game with blood money. We also have the choice to raise the amount of coins rewarded. (You can use conversion NPC @ home to get blood money)

Rogues' Chests will be edited to suit world 2. 

More wild teleports will be added the Teleport Wizard.

Crystal key chest will be re-worked.

Adding clue scroll rewards shops. These shops will contain every available clue scroll item you can get, excluding 3rd age items, along with junk items. These shops will cost blood money, and you will be able to sell your unwanted clue rewards to this shop for some extra blood money. 

We will be looking into a lottery system that will hold 3 winners every 3 days. 1st place will take 70%, 2nd 20%, and 3rd 10%.

We will also be adding a cosmetic shop for other items as well to give players the choice to add their own taste to their pking outfits. Will be mainly directed towards pures.

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