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Staff Members have the right to punish any player on Lost-Isle, or Wild-Isle that they feel has broken a rule.

How to report a player you think has broken a rule: 

Players will be warned ONCE - If it is found that you are continuing unfavorable behavior, you will be punished immediately.

Only staff will hold the permission to view your accounts offense history. Remember what you do, and stay on good behavior.


Here at The Isle there are different levels of severity when it comes to offenses. You can learn what offense does what via color coded definitions in this thread.  After each offense, strikes will added to your account. Once you reach 3 strikes, under level 3 severity....


We expect players to understand our rules completely, and abide by them as well.

Remember: Joking with a friend is DIFFERENT from breaking a rule.

Refunding a donation will result in a UID and IP ban.

We will not be held liable for any disconnections unless it is proven that it was caused on our end. All instances will be reviewed thoroughly.

Level 1 Severity: 24 Hour mute

Level 2 Severity: 1 day ban

Level 3 Severity: 1 week ban 

Level 4 Severity: Permanent ban


1. Disrespecting another, flaming, harassing, etc.


 Our server will be filled with people from all over the world. We expect our players to understand this. These people will come from different beliefs, races, ethics, sexual preferences, for some examples. We expect ALL players to be treated equally. Players will not unfairly criticize, or slander one and other. This will not be tolerated.

Remember to always ignore and report another player that you feel has broken this rule.

A good example of a confusing subject is the two words "nigga" and "nigger". In todays world everyone uses the word "nigga" to talk to friends. This is not seen as an offensive or racist word unless you are using it in a way to avoid using "nigger".

Example 1: "You're a dirty nigga go pick some cotton" BAD

Example 2: "What's up nigga how you been?" GOOD

2. Advertising


Advertising anything RSPS related that does not have to do with The Isle will result in a permanent ban.

  **Sending links that are not related to RSPS are acceptable. If it is found that these links are harmful, you will be banned immediately.**

3. Spamming


Spamming is not allowed. Using the auto-chat feature is allowed 100%. If you are found using this feature to purposefully spam nonsense you will be punished accordingly.

4.Hacking, and/or threats.

Telling another player that you will attempt to hack, dox, or ddos them is not allowed on The Isle. Any found proof of successful hacking will result in PERMANENT BAN.


5. Punishment Evasion

Evading any sort of punishment will result in a permanent ban from our server and forums.


6. Real World Trading

Any type of trading real world items for anything on our forums or in-game is not allowed.

7. Account Sharing


Accounts on lost isle will only be controlled by one person. You will not be allowed to give your account details to any other player. Players will not be permitted to trade their accounts, or give them away. We would like achievements, levels, loot, and all of the above to pertain to one persons hard work. Sharing an account would not allow this.


8. Third Party Software


Using third party software of any kind that permits an unfair advantage over our players is not permitted on The Isle. AUTOCLICKING IS THE ONLY EXCEPTION

**Autoclicking may not be used while AFK.**

9. Bug Abuse


If you are found abusing any type of harmful bug in The Isle you will be punished accordingly.  IF YOU ARE FOUND SHARING AND/OR DISTRIBUTING THIS BUG IN ANY WAY YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY UID AND IP BANNED.

10. PvP Farming

PvP Farming with another player, or using another account of your own will result in punishment. This is strictly prohibited from our server.


11. Advertising on another server or forum


Joining another server and promoting ours is strictly prohibited. This will not be tolerated at all, as it gives us here at The Isle a bad reputation.



12. VPN Voting


Any use of software to manipulate our voting system is prohibited on our server. You will be punished and provided with evidence of your offense.


13.Luring a staff member to wild to help you

You will not abuse our kindness, and lure a staff member to the wilderness asking for help.


14.English will be the only language used on global chat, and in public clan chats.

You will only be permitted to use english due to it being the most popular language in the world. This makes tracking offenders easier on staff, and prohibits players from swearing/harassing, etc. Thank you for your cooperation.



15. Ragging

Ragging is easily confused, which is understandable. Please understand what we consider ragging.

Q. What is ragging?

A. Ragging is defined multiple ways.

Listed below we have a few examples of what ragging is. 

1. Attacking a player multiple times in free or cheap gear after being asked to stop by said player.

2. Attacking the same player no matter what gear you are using in low level wilderness after being asked to stop.

3. Trying to permanently keep any player out of low level wilderness by following and attacking them as soon as they enter wilderness.

Players will not be punished for attacking you in high level wilderness (passed level 30).

16. Untradable Blocking

Blocking players from retrieving their untradable items will result in a warning, then a 1 day ban if continued.



16. Dicing

We expect anybody who purchases a Dice bag on either world to abide by these rules.

1. We expect that every person that purchases the dice bag that will not scam any other players during a Dicing game.

2. Players who own a Dice bag are required to not pressure people into dicing who may not want to gamble.

3. If you are suspected of scamming another user we require that you show us proof that you didn't scam.




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