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[7/17/17] Updates

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  • Duo/Partner slayer has been added
    • Player's can get a partner by using the partner option on the Enchanted gem
    • RoP0qXbTT3OCAyVrhFZ3kQ.png
    • Upon clicking new Partner it will ask for a player's name to send a request to that Player displaying these options
    • Ae2OIU7cS8aHA5epJyFoBA.png
    • After accepting upon re-opening the partner option you will see the following
    • A2lIBzytR-mb_Ey2AKhp6g.png
    • The following thing's must come true so that you both have the same slayer task
      • Both players must currently not have a Slayer task
      • Both players must have the required Slayer level for the NPC being chosen as the task, Example: Player A has 99 slayer, Player B has 45 Slayer If Player A goes to get a Partner task and gets Abyssal Demons the task will only be set for Player A and will not be counted as a Partner/Duo task
    • Upon gaining a Slayer Partner and the following above being true you will now get 2x the amount of a regular task and will be rewarded with slayer experience depending on how much damage you do to an NPC, Example: We're killing abby demons and I do 75% of the damage and you do 25% of the damage, I will gain 75% of the rewarded experience for the kill and you will receive 25%
    • Upon completing your Duo task you will be rewarded per usual with slayer points.
    • If a player logs out or is disconnected/Dismisses their partner, The task will continue as a solo task for both players.
  • Fixed Instanced corp has been broken since the clan chat/pm update
  • Fixed Spectral spirit shield effect at Cerberus
  • Fixed Minnow fishing bug where you could spam click the spot for minnows
  • Started on a trivia system for potential rewards in the future

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