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[7/9/17-7/15/17] Updates

  • Adjusted some NPC bonuses (Bandos, Zammy, Dagannoth's)
  • Removed Drop announcements for players bossing in an instance
  • Fixed Phoenix pet(was null)
  • Fixed Donation store claiming
  • Fixed Highscores issues
  • Fixed Eternal slayer ring options
  • Changed price for w2 Mystery box
  • Examining Mystery box on w2 now shows drop table
  • Fixed PvM Magic damage (Was previously not applying effects of certain items)
  • Added GFX to Imbued heart as well as timer when you try to use it
  • Implemented Ourania Teleport and Spin flax spell
  • Changed amount of Soul runes in Mage bank rune store
  • Increased Corp drop rate just a tad (Previous rate was getting 4 sigils in an average of 1k kills on a drop rate of 1-800 and 1-1200)
  • Implemented Double death runes and Double law runes
  • Speed for Unfinished Potions has been changed to 1 tick like OSRS
  • Added Fishing Guild Expansion, Players can now fish minnows with a fishing level of 82 and trade them in for raw sharks at a rate of 40:1

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