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[7/8/17] Updates

  • New Drop system has been added and is live on both worlds(Refer to Drop System Information)
  • Fixed Twisted bow formula to accurately get stronger/weaker depending on the victim's magic bonus or magic level
  • Dragon scimitar upgrade kit added for w2
  • Fixed Kodai wand autocasting/infinite water rune abilities
  • Killing players on a killstreak will now reward you with the current killstreak reward they are on( E.g 7 kills a player would be on a 5 killstreak reward, Player who kills them receives 5 killstreak reward)
  • More W2 related prices have been updated
  • Starter package has been changed to help players get started more, Tutorial should be done in the coming days
  • Reverted some NPC names to fix clue scroll issues on w1 and w2
  • Moved more useful NPC's to the building with thieving stalls on w2 (Otto godblessed, Oziach, Bob Barter)
  • Killstreak info has been added to quest tab on w2
  • Elder mauls stats were corrected
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