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[7/5/17][W2] Updates

  • Implemented Gear presets to faster gear up to PK, Quest tab to use, ::savepreset 1-3, ::resetpreset 1-3
  • Fixed Firemaking related pathing bug where you walk to the wrong tile(Both worlds)
  • Changed NPC store owner names to make them more user friendly
  • Disabled tutorial for w2 until we can come up with one unique to w2
  • Implemented Killstreak system with rewards for 5,10,15,20,25,50 and 100 killstreak
  • ::commands now sends players a list of available commands on w2 instead of opening the lost-isle command list
  • General store now buys items for much less to make selling items to blood money shop more viable
  • Players will now receive 5k blood money for leveling any non combat skill to 99
  • Players will now receive 1.5x xp for skilling in the Wilderness
  • Dragon claws are now tradable and have a store price
  • Vials will no longer be added to your inventory upon finishing any type of potion
  • Blood money store prices have been changed to avoid issues

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