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[7/4/17][W2] Updates + Reset

Over the past few days I've been working on a few things Wild-Isle and Lost-Isle related, Currently we are working on a new Drop system for both worlds which will be completed hopefully within the next few days as Walkie and Little Iron are working on the drops. In other news I've been working with skill on some major changes for W2 to make it more PK oriented.


  • When Player's now login to w2 they will automatically get their bank filled with the following items; Hnf4jlvEQ8u-9Jg_0tk6Rw.png
  • Bank Preset items are unsellable/unalchable to any store
  • Fixed Diagonal attacking while frozen
  • Changed ton's of NPC names to make them more readily noticeable and generally easier to find.
  • Fixed Dragon Claws special attack
  • Home altar will now restore spec/hp/venom for all players but having a 5 minute cooldown.
  • Blood money shop will now buy items back for 1/4th of the price
  • Added Conversion NPC to convert coins to blood money and coins to blood money, Current Conversion rate 1000 coins to 1 blood money
  • Re-did some of the combat related shops including: Bandit shop keeper, Lowe and Aubury
  • Commands added: ::veng, ::barrage, ::empty
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