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I must finish what I started

From the very beginning when I first started Lost-Isle, I told Blaz that i'd get a max cape in about 3 days. I was pretty close too but somewhere down the line I lost motivation.

I really have a passion for progress and getting things done with time. The double exp weekend broke my heart. Seeing all these animals abuse the system to get their scuffed max capes. Absolutely disgusting. I certainly did not abuse the double exp weekend! Every second of the double exp weekend hurt my lungs and soul. However... I did keep skilling on that day.

Each EXP drop being a stab to my throat. That disgusting scuffed xp. God darnit. Memories of that weekend still haunt me to this day. 

Still down to buy hunter xp tho, clank hit me up. $50 per mill.

Nah just playing, but I might be on more often and will be trying to get a max cape. See you guys around ingame.


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