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[1/3/17] Skotizo

Today we've released Skotizo to Lost-Isle with this update comes the following:


  • Black demon's now drop Darklight(1/150)
  • Catacomb NPC's now drop ancient shards(Excluding Ghosts, Ankou's), dark totem pieces
  • Players can add 3 ancient shards to a Darklight to create a Arclight(1000 charges per 3 shards), Players can recharge the arclight on the altar at the catacombs with 3 more shards
  • Arclight will provide 70% accuracy and strength increase vs demon type NPC's
  • Skotizo should be the exact same as OSRS from watching videos and comparing, Players can enter skotizo by using a full Dark totem on the altar near the Catacombs teleport, Players that enter skotizo must know that if they die they will lose every item that isn't protected on death.
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