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  1. RIP to a real OG

  2. plz fix

    *amalyse crystal should be tradeable *adding amalyse crystal to super energy potion should work on all doses not just 3 dose *add farming guards to pay 200gp to cut ur tree like on osrs *plz dragon claws from new wildy boss (tekton or some other raid boss) #revivewilderness *remove the make x sets when making darts, should be spam clickable *when donators go harvest farming patches make it instantly noted instead of having them run to the leprechaun *add ardougne knights *combatpathingpvp??
  3. Thieving Guide [Lost-Isle]

    Not a bad guide. Scan it for grammar errors and such though. E.g. once you have 5 agility. That should be thieving.
  4. Road to dharok's set - Completed!

    Never seen someone be so upset over not having an ahrims staff Cx Gz though man
  5. Doctors of Lost-Isle

    I had a white substance under my foreskin and I don't know what to do. Please help me.
  6. Cheers Venenatis

    This actually triggers me so much LOL. Gz though man
  7. Milf arrived.

    Yo I thought you was some MILF homie. We'd of had mad fun together Cx. Welcome to the community man.
  8. Some Pvm Loots

  9. Hello

    Ay, welcome to the community Optimum. Ugly and live forever, or very attractive (where you get basically anyone you want) but live for 10 years?
  10. 99 Rc ft Pets

  11. Glazed Donut's Introduction

    Ay man, pretty cool about the gymnastics, looks awesome haha. Welcome to the community.
  12. Whats up blaz? 3 pets and 94 farming only

    If you don't stop crying I'm gonna shag your nan Cx You'll get it soon, keep going <3

    Blaz is leaving Cx
  14. pro jad and skiller jad banks

    You might not beat me on wealth but damn I wish my bank looked as tidy as that.. Nice bank