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  1. Absolutely ridiculous seeing that, especially on 31 kc! Congrats man.
  2. Gratz Simp
  3. You mean welcome to clan man mode
  4. Synergy Clan Roster Owner: Skiller Jad Co-owner: Maxed / UIM Link Moderators: Walkie Blaz Members: Sky Diy Menno Turban Old Infinity Iron TANK Turquoise Madila Carcinogen Iron Sil / Sil Biggest Nub of them all: Nine The Bird Man Teh Ali
  5. Accepted, welcome to the clan!
  6. Hey

    Yes I am
  7. Hey

    Hey Dustin nice to meet you if you need any help in-game pm me or ask in fc
  8. wow amazing luck gz
  9. Very nice guide
  10. Wow 59 chests for full guthans... lucky man gz.
  11. I'm salty about those agility pets. Overall amazing progress, can't wait to see you hit those big goals
  12. Welcome to Lost Isle, Good luck on your adventure If you need any help feel free to message me in-game or ask in the friends chat.
  13. Welcome, good luck getting used to the community
  14. Nice updates