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  1. Jono's Introduction

    To start off my names Jono, I've been playing RSPS for almost 7 years now. I've lost interest into Runescape in general after 2009, but gradually got back into the game. I didn't want to play RS3, nor 07Scape because I didn't want to pay for anything. (Contradicting myself because I'm super donator on this server lol). Something about this server drew my interest back into the game and I couldn't be more satisfied. Great community, great economy, great pvm/pvp, amazing server overall. I've never been real active on a forum before and I chose not to. On the other hand, this one seems special to me for some odd reason. So, I'll be on here scavenging through a plethora of information by players and staff to get better and gain knowledge back into my childhood hobby. Thanks for reading my post Add me ingame I Use F Keys / Focuser