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  1. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    fuck i forgot u can filter it so only hp shows thats so useful with retard 1300xp splash
  2. W2 Long Term Content Suggestions

    I've been around the block when it comes to PvP oriented private servers, and seeing as this one is fresh and has a lot of potential in my eyes, i'd like to share some of the things that in my eyes have worked the best in my past experience. 1. Blood Money: Blood money is going to be the main currency for players buying, selling, and trading items. Both via npc and player, there needs to be a multitude of ways for blood money to come into circulation, although im going to stick with a few wilderness-strict suggestions. 1a. Green dragons, ankous, pirates, hellhounds, battle mages, etc should have a flat blood money drop on every kill, scaling upward the more risk is involved in killing the specific monster in question, (ankous would be added to their respective graveyard north of the Crazy Archaeologist) (pirates would be in the camp site room west of mage bank entrance and require both 39 theiving and a lock pick to enter their sanctuary) ---- 1b. Demi-boss / wilderness bosses should recieve a re-vamp in their loot tables consisting of not only a flat blood money amount on kill but also a flat amount of supplies per kill, (eg: Crazy Archaeologist could drop 10 Noted dark crabs per kill and have a 1/2 chance of dropping 3 Noted super combats) This would be in addition to the respective bosses current table with the chance of receiving their respective rare items which would bring in larger chunks of profit. ---- 1c. ARENA MAGES: i'm giving battle mages their own section because i believe they're a key aspect to servers of this archtype, not only should they be considered for above suggestions but they should be given their own unique drop table which could include items such as pieces of the Infinity set, Mage's books, Master wands, etc. These items could be collected over hours of farming and sold to the blood money item store at home at a later point in time. This would serve as one of the top tier blood money makers per hour aside from high level bossing (wild) and would give incentive for less PvP prowess oriented players to seek their way to the deep wilderness, and pKers incentive to hunt them down. 2. Blood money caskets: blood money caskets would be a ( % chance tbd ) tertiary drop only received by those who hunted low-mid tier npcs in the DEEPEST parts of the wilderness, (arena mages, Pirates, etc) 3. Muddy Keys: Muddy keys would be a tertiary drop, obtained by most (if not all) attackable npcs within the wilderness, they would have their own respective chance of dropping these keys (Scaling upward with difficulty of the monster in question) these keys would be brought to the middle of the lava maze, the entrance being located just south of King black dragon's entrance east of 44's obelisk. They would open the chest located there, but break upon looting. The chest would contain a generous flat amount of blood money, along with random supply and or item drops, eg: bulk dark crabs, bulk super attacks, dragon arrows, dragon darts, dragon thrownaxes. They would also provide a small chance of receiving mid-tier blood money shop items, examples being, Fury, Infinity boots, Occult necklace, etc. These keys would be tradeable between players, so that those who do not want to take the risk of the journey can still make a decent profit selling them to the players who do. open to criticism comment what you think should or shouldnt be added.
  3. you really did fix it, good job feels much better already. im sure everyone else will agree.
  4. It's quite blatant the issue here, for whatever reason when queuing another action (mainly movement) after equipping an item, the server just kind of skips, or queue's the action into some sort of list, the intended interaction is for the item to be equipped, and then for the movement input to be carried out, this is extremely important in high level PvP, and not only Hybridding/Nhing. Movement is a key aspect in runescape PvP nowadays and this plain and simple doesn't look very appealing to any of the pvp community. ~~on a side note, some lighter suggestions would be; 1 . a small buff to mage accuracy, (just go try to cast on someone in k top and firecape you'll notice it) 2 . Item dragging threshold customization, i'm not too smart when it comes to the scripting side but i do believe it's all client sided, and there more than likely is a snippet for the command which will allow players to customize it themselves. --combat has come a long way from when i last played this source months and months back, but a few more tweaks could really push it towards one of the better osrs (private server) combat systems available for players to pick from.