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  1. Client Upgrade Beta

    9/19/2017 Can't Purchase items from the grand exchange. When attempting to sell items on the grand exchange your items just disappear. Can't deposit X items, When trying to deposit all, it comes up with the X items interface Can't "Withdraw all but one" takes all your items out, "Withdraw All" Does nothing. Falador is non-existant ( information tab isn't here. Altar at home is missing the change spellbook features ( poll booth is completely blank ( "Clicking items on death" brings this up ( When setting your F keys up, "ESC closes current interface" doesnt work. 9/20/2017 Taverly dungeon needs to be redone ( Brimhaven dungeon needs to be redone ( Slayer tower needs to be redone ( World map doesnt work when you click on it Canafis needs to be redone ( Smoke Devil dungeon needs to be redone ( Chasm of Fire, Stronghold Slayer Cave and Kraken Cove teleports don't work, & the dungeons are black if you go to them. Barrows, Warriors Guild & Pest Control teleports don't work. All npcs are only meleeing you instead of doing their usual attacks. Kbd lair needs to be redone ( Zulrah, Giant Mole & Lizardman shaman Teleports don't work. Entrana, Shilo village & Saltpetre teleports don't work. East Dragons, West Dragons, Chaos Elemental & Snake Bank teleports don't work.
  2. Client Upgrade Beta

    I'll gladly help test it
  3. Magic Cape

  4. Imbued Rings

    I doubt nightmare zone will happen since the devs are working on bigger projects ATM However I do agree with slay points, perhaps an imbuement scroll for 500 points?
  5. P.S Their raids is the same shit over and over :]
  6. Oh damn, looks nice af, good job guys
  7. skiller jad suggestions

  8. Elysian spirit shield gfx: 321 Bronze/Iron/Steel/Black/Mithril/Adamant/Rune/Dragon 2h anims: Chop - 407, Slash - 407, Smash - 406, Block - 407, Idle - 2065, Walk - 2064, Run - 2563 Toxic staff (uncharged) anims: Bash - 393, Pound - 419, Focus - 393 Zamorakian hasta anims: Lunge - 412, Swipe - 440, Pound - 393, Block - 412 Crossbow anim if you're attacking an npc (don't add this until you're loading inferno data) - 7552 Chinchompa/Red chinchompa/Black chinchompa anims: Idle - 3175, Walk - 3177, Run - 3178 Arclight doesn't work on greater abyssal demons (superior) Corporeal beast defence anim: 1677 Fix teleblock, it should look like this:, also gfx id 345 as the spell finishes if it hits Staff of the dead/toxic staff of the dead special (halves all incoming melee damage for 1 minute while the staff is equipped, persists after logging back in like most timers): Anims - 1720 (toxic staff of the dead) / 1719 (toxic staff (uncharged)) / 7083 (regular staff of the dead) Gfx - 1228 Messages: (first message - when the special bar is clicked, second message - when the effect runs out/the player unequips the staff in any way) Antifire running out message should be the same color as the trade message When you get teleported by the sire, sometimes you go invisible and have to attack it to return to normal Sanfews should only require you to drink 1 dose to cure poison but as of right now they require 2 It appears boss npcs have their stats set to 0 for the first kill after a server restart. After that they go back to normal. (tested with a twisted bow)
  9. Slayer interface currently doesnt update unless you click check on your ring, gem or helm. Item overlays are abit buggy, if you go to say home for 5 minutes then go back to the said area where you were killing things, you would have to relog to get the item overlays again. World map is currently bugged in resizeable mode, the map icon goes to the middle of your screen, see picture for reference ( Veng timer currently doesnt appear when in combat. Every freeze timer is 15 seconds. hovering over where a potion is in your inventory in a different tab also shows the number it boosts your stats by. Suggestions Add a potion timer for Antifires, Sanfew serum, Imbued heart, Teleblock, Stamina potion, boss respawn times. Add a blinking | thingy for when your editing drops so you can see where your typing. tone down the brightness of the hp bar, its quite bright at the moment.
  10. osbuddy features

    Timers Helpful timers to improve your experience whilst 'scaping eg: Veng, freezes, potions. Item Overlay Displays names and quantities of nearby items on the ground. Slayer Displays your current task, the amount remaining, and where the monster is within the game and minimap. Max Hit Displays your max melee hit in your equipment screen. Virtual Levels Show virtual levels within the stats tab. Only the bottom number will be changed. Rune Pouch Displays the contents of your rune pouch. Cannonballs Lets you know how many cannonballs you have remaining. Bank Tags Allows you to add searchable tags to items within your bank. PvP Info Allows you to see a health bar (top left like npcs) & you can see their stats when in combat with them. Death Marker Marks the location you died on the minimap perhaps add a yellow marker since we don't currently have a world map. Attack Style Displays which attack style you are currently on. Boss Respawn Timers Displays a timer showing how long certain bosses have before respawning. Special attack orb Displays the amount of special energy remaining on a minimap orb. Prayer Draws a circle around the prayer orb when quick prayers are active. Will edit this if i can think of more
  11. Bonecrusher

    +1 bonecrusher seems kind of useless at this point in time.
  12. Lootingbag

    The looting bag is fine how it is, dont need to change it.
  13. plz fix

    So because i chose a certain gamemode i wont be able to get those raid items? Im not talking about soloing it, im talking about the people that who would constantly go out of their way to rag
  14. plz fix

    So uim/hc will never be able to get raid items unless they risk getting pked? Lol