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  1. List of things that should be fixed.

    fixed wot
  2. List of things that should be fixed.

    thats so dumb for the chins who would waste their time sniping other peoples chin please change that...
  3. Combat Feedback Thread

  4. Suggestions for Future Updates!

    goood stoffffff
  5. Suggestions for Future Updates!

    ye boiiiiiiiiii please nine superior slayer
  6. Hunter box traps

    just make the chins killable.

    good shit ma dude
  8. the fuck u at bruv -wealth

  9. wealths list

    Hello boys and gurls, this is the lost isle king wealth. random list, cba correcting my English keep in mind that English is for plebs. Pm for french lesson 1. More information about the unlock/extend task for slayer. (what works and does not works) 2. bank fillers ? no ? alright.. 3. when a monster attacks your player it sometimes make it go back 1 space and I find it a little annoying.. also when you try to retaliate theres some spot (for some monsters) were you cant Attack them back and have to move to another tile. 4. after 99 in all combat skills hadd a npc that can reduce the xp rates. (plebs always asking to go to 13m when they get 200m) 5. 125xp Smith xp when you mine a iron ore ? too op lul 6. spec wep should be instant spec i mean takes 1 min for the spec bar to appear lol. 7. nice looking fire max cape Hood really fits with the cape. 8. make zulrah drop 2500-3000 pure ess at the current rate you have to do 3-4k zulrah kills to bank 200m rc. 9. the fletching xp when making darts is too op compare to smithing the darts... 10. 6 hour log maybe if you forget to close your client rip internet lel. 11. twelve if you see this please boost the xp rate of hunter.... 200m hunter takes almost 300 hours and on a rsps its a lot! 12. boost bonecrusher xp rates or make it less expensive. Keep in mind you can get a 150k prayer in one zulrah drop 40 xp for a normal bone not gonna do shit..... 13. Slayer gems! they are 1.2m crafting xp an hour and is the best method (for iron mans). To not loose bank you have to alch them since you cant sell them to stores and they are not notable... for 200m crafting you have to get 60k+ orbs and have to charge them, way more efficient to do gems but cba going to the bank to alch a invent a time wtf lol. 14. Price of runes wtf ? 441 for a nat 360 for a astral damn barrows cant give you infinite amount of nats people you have to buy them to be efficient on osrs they are barely 300 gp lol. 15. boost the rate of smithing bars coal bag is so dead content... 16. not to be mean but can we focus on real stuff before diaries.. 17. the rates of farming with herblore is shit its like chopping redwoods to burn them after lol youre gonna need to go further 200m wc to get 200m fm ahaha. 18. I think we need more helpers/mod dont you guys think? all I have for the moment.