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  1. W2

    I mean to say that most pking servers have a different economy. Where most items are spawnable but higher tier items need to be purchased through blood money or killing the respective boss / monster. Ie Bandos, Abyssal whip etc. Blazs explaination a few days ago is perfect. People don't want to jump into a pking server and have to grind out some slayer just so they have a fighting chance. Log in and pk is how pking servers work. But like I said, if you guys want to make a server where PvM is a huge part of the pvp. Keep working on Dead-Isle, it is amazing.
  2. W2

    Good suggestions. It is kind of ridiculous to have to make money on a pvp server. If the dev team wants to make a pvp server where players need to grind out skills and money, they should keep working on dead-isle.
  3. Wild-Isle Beta [Progress/Suggestions/etc.]

    Awesome progress, seems just like dead isle
  4. Yeah it has been a while since I played and forgot that you need a law rune to tele out of the wilderness while in combat. Took off my prayers at zammy altar but didn't tele, GG
  5. Suggestions

    Nice suggestions, I really love the idea of superior slayer encounters, great content for a great skill.