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  1. Sugestion for raids

    I'd rather have the time involved for full raids or damn near full raids that just olm.
  2. Effigy's Video

    Dude not gonna lie, Effigy is the shit man!
  3. Nice gains man. and clues
  4. 1 Month of Pvming [FINISHED]

    Good luck Sil!
  5. Cody52 Drop Log

    Icing on the cake.
  6. Cody52 Drop Log LOOOL
  7. Cody52 Drop Log

  8. Cody52 Drop Log

    I'm not much of a video maker. But when it comes to a log, I'm decent
  9. Cody52 Drop Log

    Not even going to lie, No whip yet but I get some head .-. This was a 2 hr grind too :^)
  10. Cody52 Drop Log

  11. Cody52 Drop Log

  12. Cody52 Drop Log

    I will post all the drops that I receive on this thread