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  1. Raids, Inferno, Construction, etc.

  2. osrs shift.

    Yeah would be awesome to get! Specially for mining and such
  3. elysian sigil on ironman

    Oh well oh well Dwh was hella worth it Congratz man
  4. Drop rates at Zulrah

    Id say 175 is good, not too high and not too low
  5. Dragon Warhammer

    Loooooool finally man!!!, You fucking desrve it, Gz m8
  6. Small list of Suggestions / Bugs

    Should've suggested that long time ago XD Hopefully they fix em, specially that med/easy clues are 4 steps+, med clues goes to 9 steps
  7. Some helpfull teles

    Yeah!!! Thats what im talking about, Nice one buddy
  8. Hardcore Ironman Progress #1 | Insane Clue Luck!?

    Insane vid man Gl on your Hardcore ironman and im looking to see more vids!
  9. Some helpfull teles

    Yup its aids running everytime thro karamja to brimhaven lol
  10. Some helpfull teles

    Yeah thats true, but it would help so much, specially if you're rushing clues
  11. Some helpfull teles

    Adding few teleports for clues would be amazing cause some clues needs miles to reach... Some helpfull teles: Lumberyard teleport scroll ZMI teleport, might as well adding the new lunar spellbook with working spells... ZMI Rcing too maybe..? Drayonor Manor teleport tab: There may be another helpfull teleports, Feel free to suggest em down in the replays
  12. Get on my level :P

    Hahaha so true that was my luckiest moment ever!, thx man
  13. Get on my level :P

    Thx man appreciate it!
  14. Get on my level :P

    No Comment i guess Kappa