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      Key fixes and what's to come   06/20/17

      Late last night we worked on some things and discussed where we're heading update and bug fix wise.  Last night we changed the way our drop system works, along with switching and NPC pathing or pathing in general. -For a long time unlike OSRS our drop tables worked like this: Each kill you got a roll at a random chance of items.  -Instead, OSRS gives you a roll at the rare tables first, then moves on to the other items on the possible drops. That is now how our system works. -Pathing was tinkered just a bit, and it seems everything is working in order with NPC's. We will move on to PvP pathing and get it to optimal performance. -Switching is being tinkered with to mimic OSRS. We are working on this and will get it where it should be. We will be working on updates for Wild-Isle to try to get it out as soon as possible. This is where you guys come in. Reply to this thread or PM me ideas that you'd like to be seen in Wild-Isle. Also i would appreciate if i was told about ANY bug that you know about that you think needs to be fixed ASAP. Thanks everyone and we hope to see you on board with us.  


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  1. fight me for ur pk vid : }
  2. free kills <333
  3. gz on trident :]
  4. gzgl
  5. im going to do dks till i have 28 Very Rare items : Beserker ring/Warrior ring/Seers ring/Archers ring/Pets/Mud b staff/D axes/Elites Im going to pick up the items i find picking up worthy, so thats Armour sets, Bars, Noted sharks,Ores, Battlestaves, Dag Bones etc. Killcount: When i started the challenge: Prime: 558 (2 pets) Rex: 524 (1 pet) Supreme: 653 (no pet) Ended the challenge: Prime: 1128 (3 Pets) Rex: 1050(1 Pets) Supreme: 1196 ( 0 Pets) How im going to kill dks: (alchs are because i need to alch the items from my 1 month of pvm chall) Im going to keep the loot from every dks in a different tab: Results: (forgot to take some of the drop screenshots) Elites: Seers rings: D axes: Mud Battlestaffs: Archer rings: Warrior rings: Pet: Regular loot: Rares: i am dissapointed cus of all the d axes, but its w/e thanks for the people supporting me
  6. damn dude that looks juicy
  7. Flame baiting, reported :]
  8. 3rd week updated.
  9. 2nd week updated.
  10. Good to see you back lad
  11. 1st Week updated.