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  1. reporting dismantled.

    or just dont stake ;]
  2. skiller jad suggestions

    what about hunter though? Jad is a pre efficient skiller, and he gets an average of 700-800k xp/h at black chins, on osrs u get an average of 200-300k xp/h, and on here xp is x10, so it should be like 2m/3m/h, me and jad talked about this and we thought it had to do with the chins caught rate, since they dismantle the traps way more often and they dont go into the traps quite as often, do you know the real issue with this?
  3. skiller jad suggestions

    also elite clue scroll steps got reduced to 6-8 steps on osrs, its 11 here. 100% agreeing with you though
  4. World 1 Skilling

    some random kid who searches for attention
  5. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    same stuff i got ip muted for
  6. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    ::lock Skill
  7. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    will do next time, just for u ;]
  8. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    ly2 come back pls
  9. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    Alright, before you're going to watch this video i want to point out a few things why im posting this. 1. Usually im not this toxic but since Sir Mary is just annoying to every w2 player, i just want to show him how he plays and why u shouldnt fight him. 2. Im posting this to show Clank/Coors/Tye, what the main posts will be once world 2 gets populair (Teams upload their 1-0 vs other team vids etc) 3. Ive had 12 mins of him running left but i think this has proven his point. 4. Ive never editted a video before so pls no roast.
  10. When a Scammer Fails.... Ft. Harry

  11. Two Years.

  12. fight me for ur pk vid : }
  13. 1,000 Kraken boss loot

    gz on trident :]
  14. Ox starting a Youtube?!