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  1. Magic Cape

    bump bump the people have spoken bump
  2. AFK Mention Notifier

    All staff members should have to have the AFK Mention Notifier on at all times. I get that you may be busy doing other things such as working on behind the scenes stuff for lost-isle, but players in-game need help and shouldn't have to wait hours upon hours to get your attention. You can spare a few minutes out of your time to help someone in-game because when a player sees you online they will message you for help and most of the time are left unanswered because you're AFK for so long.
  4. Raids, Inferno, Construction, etc.

    #lit #developergoals #cantwait
  5. reporting dismantled.

    Sorry bro but you have to confirm the weapons you're using for the duel. He can argue than he wasn't clear on the rules of the stake so I don't think anything will be done about this.
  6. Jono's Introduction

    Yesterday ingame all you were doing was flaming people who beat you in the wilderness and complaining about how terrible the combat system is. What changed?
  7. skiller jad suggestions

    +1 somethings gotta change about hunter
  8. World 1 Skilling

    Who even are you
  9. World 1 Skilling

    Add a system where you get skilling points randomly while skilling. The points you get varies on which skilling you are doing. Harder skills will give you more points, giving more incentive to actually do them. Easier skills will still give you points, but at a slower rate still making it profitable and still giving people motivation to do that skill. You spend these points at a shop that has various rewards such as coins, cosmetics, etc(just a basic shop nothing too overkill like max gear or anything) but it gives skillers a way to make a little bit of money while they are spending most of it on supplies
  10. Master Clues

    Add a chance to get master clues a reward from doing other clue scrolls. This means we can still do elites because a lot of people just combine them to make master clues but it would be cool to do an elite and then be able to do a master clue after it
  11. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    was hoping for some lit dutch jams
  12. Magic Cape

    Magic skillcape perk that allows you to switch spellbooks Would be useful for burst tasks that drop a ton of alchables (dust devils, abyssal demons, nechryael, etc etc)
  13. Nerdy Achievement #2

    gz brother
  14. Boss Drop Tables [WIP]

    nice man