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  1. Here's to two more.
  2. So fucking glad to have you back my man. Looking forward to things.
  3. Your bank is so op
  4. @Walkie https://gyazo.com/228f02f1ce3d7f69694f4b685a9c706c
  5. Do it again I wasn't watching
  6. Agility pyramid and fruit tree patches would be dead content
  7. Michigan > Ohio State
  8. Hey Dean, welcome to Lost-Isle! Excited to have you on board and hope you enjoy your time playing!
  9. "This isn't dead-isle or affiliated with lost-isle in any way."
  10. Looking forward to it
  11. In my opinion it would be nice to see both every week. It would ensure that the clan is still active, and it appeals to both sides of the clan.
  12. For the weekly event, is either or, or both? Like do we have a skilling event and a PvM event one week, or does it switch off every week?
  13. I agree with the ranking system, it's hard to accept new members into the clan while the main power is unavailable, and like you said the distribution of power would create a more efficient way of running things. I also agree with the clan events. I'd like to see some sort of skilling events too for the skillers. For example, say you have an hour to train a certain skill. The person with the most xp gained within that hour would be the winner. This would solve a lot of the debate on "who the most efficient is". With the PvM competitions, the team who loses should have to give half of their rewards to the winning team as a reward. None of that has to happen, just giving my two cents.
  14. Dude I'm embarrassed for you
  15. It was Callisto pet on 1 KC, somehow the picture got removed.