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  1. if only there was a place where you could sell things get cash back for the items sucks waiting for people to buy/sell on ge. anyway, you should call the account name 'gen store' just thought of it
  2. who
  3. :feelsbadman: welcome back if you can play on your mac that is
  4. Personally, i see no reason as to why these were even added in the first place, because some items are unusable and were implemented waaaay after release.. Items such as: Grapes, swamp tar, coconut, mahogany planks, crystal seed, calquat seeds and other fruit tree seeds. all of these in total take up a large number of slots on zulrah's drop table, preventing people from getting useful drops, like herbs and essence for example. I think that these should all be removed, unless they are coded into the game so they provide an actual use instead of just wasting time and energy and zulrah getting useless drops you cant use, so vote on the poll if you want these to be removed from the game, albeit if it is just temporary until such a time that they are coded in the game and serve a purpose other than wasting bank space.
  5. So hyped for Dead-Isle . + I'm first
  6. for those that doubted me https://gyazo.com/8abfb116e1745ace04bf3bfe7f8b2ce5 https://gyazo.com/83866e047e9918f6334dbd11ef148120 https://gyazo.com/d346503d242c2e2dfd7acf80b742eb2f
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPVTl9K0lqc
  8. pretty sure all lunar teles dont work now, this needs a fix,they are ideal for a few clue spots that would otherwise take a while to get to
  9. tele to moonclan doesnt work, not sure if other lunar teles work
  10. 6 items, 5 announced https://gyazo.com/54024f6c9c8d21847625b9efe06dcb7b
  11. hi

  12. on osrs you can set an extra trap up in wild, on lost isle you cant. it was a benefit for risking skilling in the wild, the extra trap would be nice
  13. https://gyazo.com/66701804a155b462d7a0fb06226e723b
  14. Ali II mvp of your vid