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  1. Effigy's Video

  2. plz fix

    raids rewards/bosses in wild haHAA
  3. items on bank for ults

    ahk is a beautiful thing. and also its just getting used to not using something on the bank and instantly running away from it :babyrage:
  4. items on bank for ults

    personally, i don't like the new update where you use an item on a bank and choose to un-note 1,5,10 or all. we've lasted this long without it, its more of a hassle for me, with the things i do and the amount i want to note/unnote. so i propose either changing an option/adding an option 'un/note 'x' amount' or just remove it altogether. p.s dont bother voting if you dont play on an ult, the names are public so everyone can see if you voted but aren't even an ult...
  5. Old Infinity (Why I left)

    :feelsbadman: welcome back if you can play on your mac that is
  6. Drop rates at Zulrah

    Isn't a bad idea considering you barely see any zulrah drops nowadays. 1/100 was way too easy, but 1/250 is proving a little too high (higher than osrs itself). support for 1/200
  7. OSRS Achievement cape

    for those that doubted me
  8. What have you been listening too?
  9. Best elite clue?

    6 items, 5 announced
  10. hi

  11. 99 Rc ft Pets
  12. Ironman Bank Vid!

    Ali II mvp of your vid