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  1. How to make money from slayer

    50m experience so i guess his 99
  2. Show drop table for Whirlpool

    Drop Table with search function by item name and monster name! Where it tells either drop rate in procents or x/x Should be found in the quest tab That would be awesome!
  3. suggestions V2

    Construction: I am pretty sure they are working on that slowly. More Achievements: Sure why not. Better shops: That's ridicolous? The shops are fine. New home: A new home? The home changed recently! More Wizard Teleports: More wizard teleports would be too overpowered? Like your characters legs is working. No reason to add me teleports besides jewelry + your own spellbook has what you need. Better Drop Rates: Better drop rates would ruin the eco. So no ty.
  4. Best clue reward ever?

    That is pretty good to be honest. I can't tell if it's the best one, since someone could have gotten 2 pieces of 3rd age in one casket, but yeah. None the less this is sick!
  5. Xavier's back!

    Welcome back!
  6. New Ironman

    Thanks all
  7. New Ironman

    Hello all. I recently joined the server as an ironman to get some challenge. I do not have much to talk about really, but be free to pm me ingame for some duo bossing and etc.