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  1. Client Upgrade Beta

    I'm down to test it
  2. Thread of Suggestions!

    I don't understand the "Ironmen swap shop" ironmen do not ruin the economy in any way {Unless drop traded} so why should they be allowed to trade in 2 veracs flails for a veracs helmet? I kinda like the idea in a way but I also don't because iron man / ultimate iron man mode is a challenge to get your own items. If you could please explain more about the swap shop and how it would benefit ironman / ultimate ironman mode without defeating the purpose of getting your own items.
  3. World 1 Skilling

    +1 would be a nice addition
  4. W2 Long Term Content Suggestions

    I like all of these suggestions, nice list
  5. Nerdy Achievement #2

    Amazing accomplishment! Congrats man
  6. osbuddy features

    - Hunter overlay - Agility outlining - impling finder - Clue scroll loot amount (Tells you how much money that clue is worth)
  7. W2

    I love all of these suggestions other than the pet rates... I would honestly play the pvp server just to go for all pets and pk so I'd still like the pets be fairly rare (1/500) ish
  8. A Nice Nerdy Achievement

    Very nice mate
  9. World 2 Suggestions

    Here are just some W2 suggestions that I think could make the game more fun and interesting. Will add more if I think of anything - Selling items back to store for bloodmoney. (This could bring more blood money into the game which can be traded for other items) - Keep the drop rates exactly how they are because as a pvp server it shouldn't be hard to get items - Set amount of blood money per slayer kill (Maybe a way to set each npc to get a certain amount of blood money per kill? Example: Mithril dragon task would give 50 blood money per dragon kill or 10 blood money per ankou you kill in a slayer task) For boss tasks maybe 200 blood money per kill as you will need 93 slayer to unlock boss tasks. If you don't want to add this maybe just increase the amount of blood money you receive. - Dragon javelins in the blood money shop to give players a way to use the ballista with its best in slot ammo instead of farming monkeys for dragon javelin heads - Maybe rework the Grand exchange so you can insert an item and pick cash or blood money to pay for the item - Buff ballista, currently in max void ranger I sometimes hit a 20 but mostly hit 0s - Buff Dragon claws... right now they're terrible for pvm and pvp - New model in inventory for dragon claws - - Make Dragon claws tradable - Right now when you try to 1 tick ags spec the ags special bar doesn't show up fast enough and you click the spec for the other weapon instead of the ags. Same goes for all other spec weapons - Possibly a ::drag (number) command? Making it so it's either easier to drag items when switching or set it to like 10 so it takes a while when you click an item to drag it across your inventory. - Add shift drop please (Both Worlds) - Kill streak system ( This system would be for pvp and basically what it does is every time you get a kill your bounty for blood money will increase, making players want to fight you more. Included with this system say you have a 5 kill streak and you keep getting more, the amount of blood money you get per kill will increase. For example if you have a 5 kill streak and you'd usually get 2k blood money per kill, instead you'll get 2.2k blood money for that kill. Say if you die on a 5 kill streak, the player that killed you would receive 2.5k blood money for killing you. - Skulls for the kill streak system would include the following = Each skull excluding the first one will be 5 kills per upgrade. Meaning after 5 kills you'll get the brown skull after another 5 you'll get the white, etc. - Remove Tier emblem drops as they will do nothing since rune pouch is in the blood money shop
  10. Drop Log [UIM]

    Just a drop log of any drops I get from bosses or clues
  11. Road to All Pets

    Good luck man
  12. Ultimate iron man goals: Maxed Total level [2179 / 2179] All boss pets [1 / 19] - If an npc is added to store pets - Will show pics or kill counts if I get them Skilling Pets [0 / 8] - I had to give my beaver and heron to Skill, too much inventory space and no where to store pets. - Will show xp I get the pet on 200m Skills: Slayer Thieving Fishing Item Goals: Pest control Full elite void Clue Scrolls: Ranger Boots Barrows: Karil's Bow - Chest 4 Karil's Leathertop - Chest 27 Karil's skirt - Chest 86 Full Guthans [1 / 4] - Body - Chest 35 Cerberus: Primordial Crystal - Kc 268 Pegasian Crystal Bandos: Bandos Chestplate - kc 340 (Off Minion) Bandos Tassets - Kc 37 (Off Minion) - Bandos Hilt Armadyl: Armadyl Hilt - 22 kc - Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Platelegs Saradomin: Armadyl Crossbow Saradomin Hilt Zamorak: Zamorakian Spear - Kc 178 - Lizardman Shaman: Dragon Warhammer - Kc 2626 - Zulrah: Tanzanite Fang - Kc 813 - Magic fang - Kc 146 Serpentine Visage Abyssal Sire Abyssal Bludgeon (1/3) - Corporeal Beast: Holy Elixir Spirit shield Any Sigil