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  1. Very nice mate
  2. Just a drop log of any drops I get from bosses or clues
  3. I'll be back to see this
  4. Good luck man
  5. Ultimate iron man goals: Maxed Total level [2179 / 2179] All boss pets [1 / 19] - If an npc is added to store pets - Will show pics or kill counts if I get them Skilling Pets [0 / 8] - I had to give my beaver and heron to Skill, too much inventory space and no where to store pets. - Will show xp I get the pet on 200m Skills: Slayer Thieving Fishing Item Goals: Pest control Full elite void Clue Scrolls: Ranger Boots Barrows: Karil's Bow - Chest 4 Karil's Leathertop - Chest 27 Karil's skirt - Chest 86 Full Guthans [1 / 4] - Body - Chest 35 Cerberus: Primordial Crystal - Kc 268 Pegasian Crystal Bandos: Bandos Chestplate - kc 340 (Off Minion) Bandos Tassets - Kc 37 (Off Minion) - Bandos Hilt Armadyl: Armadyl Hilt - 22 kc - Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Platelegs Saradomin: Armadyl Crossbow Saradomin Hilt Zamorak: Zamorakian Spear - Kc 178 - Lizardman Shaman: Dragon Warhammer - Kc 2626 - Zulrah: Tanzanite Fang - Kc 813 - Magic fang - Kc 146 Serpentine Visage Abyssal Sire Abyssal Bludgeon (1/3) - Corporeal Beast: Holy Elixir Spirit shield Any Sigil