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  1. 1,000 Kraken boss loot

    Hey guys, it's me A Friend, and this is the loot from killing 1,000 Kraken. Total loot [missing about 800 monkfish as i ate them and burned 59 sharks ] Cash after alching the alchables + leftover loot Also if interested, then there's the loot from crystal keys If you're wondering then that took me about 20 hours, no trident yet, total loot was valued at 37m according to ingame price checker.
  2. Bonecrusher

    Since the bonercrusher gives crap prayer xp and costing 20,000 platinum tokens, why not give it a small perk? So my idea is that while you're having a bonecrusher in your inventory, each bone it crushes, it restores your prayer points by 1 or 2 points, depending on the bone it crushes. [ 1 per normal bones and also big bones, 2 per dragon, wyvern and dagannoth bones ] Would be a nice way to save 1-2 prayer pots per slayer task, would be awesome for ironmen and i'm sure more people would actually buy it.
  3. hi im a sick guy

    1. Stayin Alive

      Stayin Alive

      hey bro i know ^^

  4. Skilling suggestions

    1. Add Angler outfit that would boost fishing xp by a little bit. How to get : Trade in 100 of any RAW fish to a NPC for a chance to get a piece of angler outfit. ( 100 shrimp/sardine/herring 5% chance at a piece, trout/salmon/tuna 10% chance, lobster/swordfish 15% chance, monkfish/shark 20% and anglerfish/dark crabs 25% chance. ) 2. Add Lumberjack outfit. How to get - Dropped by these trees that move around on osrs (not Sil). 3. Pyromancer outfit & phoenix pet (Unless Wintertotd is coming) How to get - By burning logs, lower tier log, smaller the chance at a piece/pet 4. Alternate ways to get Rogues outfit & runecrafting pouches. Rogues outfit - dropped by Rogues at Rogues Den. Runecrafting pouches dropped by Abyssal leeches at 1/100 chance. 5. Add Magic secateurs. How to get - Use a stack of 100 of any HERB seed on normal secateurs to turn them into magic secateurs. (Perks - either 10% xp boost from herb patches or 1-2 extra herbs per patch. Also secateurs would now be wieldable. 6. More Mystery box cosmetics such as - Random event outfits (Frog, Lederhosen, Zombie etc...), Fancy boots, Fighter boots...
  5. 1 Month of Pvming [FINISHED]

    Sick progress
  6. Drop rates at Zulrah

    Many of us, including me have found that Zulrah is just not worth doing anymore since the drop table update, so here's a poll about maybe changing the drop rates to see what people think.
  7. 1 Month of Pvming [FINISHED]

    Are you going to loot all the drops? ie. feathers from Kree & all the rune drops?