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  1. Multiple Worlds

    Remi for ban
  2. Multiple Worlds

    Good idea, I feel like if the xp rates were buffed just a smidge, it'd be alright. Upon the completion of Dead-Isle, people would be swarming this server just for the simple fact of Deadman Mode. Along with that being said, if the combat was worked on a little PvP would be fine, and then the server needs to be advertised as a pking server aswell as pvm, skilling etc. This server is BEYOND magnificent just needs a little push and we're gold.
  3. elysian sigil on ironman

    You won't alch it.
  4. Ox (Naruto) Episode 2!

    Good video, goodluck with everything. Careful on the prayer.
  5. My Bank.

    thanks, good lookin.
  6. My Bank.

    pshhh. yeah right.
  7. My Bank.

    for some reason the last tab didn't post hold on i'll edit it haha
  8. My Bank.

    Tab 1 - Teleports, things I use often. Tab 2 - Skilling supplies. Tab 3 - Clue scroll items&mystery box items. Tab 4 - Farming, Herblore tab. Tab 5 - Melee & Gear tab. Tab 6 - 'Rares' & pets.
  9. Loot from 100 Clue Scrolls - Uranium

    noice. the new team capes are sick in my opinion.
  10. My Bank

    Very nice very niceee. 'English man drinking tea accent'
  11. Clue Scroll

    well don't i just feel stupid now.
  12. Clue Scroll

    I think it'd be awesome to add Occult Ornament Kit, the occult with ornament on it looks so cool in my opinion, idk what you guys think.
  13. Ideas

    You had mentioned lunar spells. Should add string jewelry, energy transfer etc. Even if people just use for xp or whatever it's still be cool as this server is already amazing itself, making it even closer to real rs (content wise) would only improve things. I'm sure the whole Construction skill has already been brought up, I can definitely say we can wait for Construction though.
  14. Price Guide [Updated]

    malediction ward is mage, odium is range. sorry for replying so late. i'm sure you already figured it out by now.
  15. Dragon Warhammer

    i saw when you finally got the drop haha. good job, you definitely earned it bro.