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  1. thanks, good lookin.
  2. pshhh. yeah right.
  3. for some reason the last tab didn't post hold on i'll edit it haha
  4. Tab 1 - Teleports, things I use often. Tab 2 - Skilling supplies. Tab 3 - Clue scroll items&mystery box items. Tab 4 - Farming, Herblore tab. Tab 5 - Melee & Gear tab. Tab 6 - 'Rares' & pets.
  5. noice. the new team capes are sick in my opinion.
  6. Very nice very niceee. 'English man drinking tea accent'
  7. Indeed this post alone is outstanding, great progress as well. Good luck on future achievements.
  8. malediction ward is mage, odium is range. sorry for replying so late. i'm sure you already figured it out by now.
  9. i saw when you finally got the drop haha. good job, you definitely earned it bro.
  10. DMM coming together so nicely. you guys make me so moist with your awesome updates
  11. oh i know that's why i've put it off haha but thanks!
  12. Been putting it off for too long. Wish me luck.