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  1. Client Upgrade Beta

    I'm willing to help test this as well
  2. Lootingbag

    The entire point of the game mode is for it to be challenging. I don't support making the looting bag mechanics easier instead of learning to adapt to them like everyone else.
  3. Old Infinity (Why I left)

    Welcome back man. We missed you
  4. 1 Month of Pvming [FINISHED]

    Do you ever have anything positive to say? OT: good luck bro
  5. My bank 2.0

    Menno, since you are new, you do not yet understand the bond between man and kebab/watermelon.
  6. Road to All Pets

    Hello guys, I have decided I am going to start hunting for all pets available in-game. I will update this thread regularly to keep track of my progress. Legend: Red - Not currently hunting Yellow - Hunt in progress Green - Pet obtained Current pet count: 27 Boss pets Skilling pets Other pets
  7. Combat Feedback Thread

    Magic accuracy needs to be tweaked. Splashing occurs way too often even in max mage Defence animations should play one tick before the damage is applied on both npcs and players Dagannoth Kings should be immune to all combat styles except for their respective weakness When standing under a player and clicking attack you will walk out but not attack them Entangle sometimes fails to freeze a target while they are moving If someone is frozen while standing on the platform of an activated obelisk they will not be teleported The granite maul accuracy needs to be buffed and the spec doesn't give xp drops (credit to @Sil) The initial freeze on a target and the freeze immunity they get after being unfrozen is too long (credit to @Sil)
  8. Spicy Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback. I adjusted some of the suggestions to include the toggles and removed the slayer task one because Blaz said it wasn't in osrs. I agree B2P isn't really useful but it could be a niche thing for ironmen/UIM
  9. Spicy Suggestions

    Add agility/farming/prayer/slayer skillcape perks Make NPCs hit by your cannonballs act aggressive towards you Re-add Zulrah times on the highscores Give the serpentine helm immunity to the Sire's poison effect (you still take damage from the fumes) Make the diamond bolt special a guaranteed hit on activation Change the run energy orb color to orange while the stamina potion effect persists and make the message when it runs out colored ("Your stamina potion has expired.") Give a warning when dropping items with an alch value of 50k+ and allow it to be toggled Add the rest of the Bounty Hunter rewards to the shop (Saradomin's tear, granite clamp, clue box, etc) Give a warning when attempting to teleport to deep wild teles via the wizard and allow it to be toggled Add a bonus xp reward for finishing agility courses if it's not already implemented Change teleblock to tb the target instantly instead of on hit like it is currently, and change the message received when teleblocked to be colored and include the time it will expire, depending on if the target is using Protect from Magic ("A teleblock spell has been cast on you. It will expire in approximately 5 minutes.") Add the Bones to Peaches spell along with the tabs Increase trap set up speed by 1 tick and add the right-click "lay" option on fallen traps Add the salve amulet/salve amulet (e) with their imbued variants (i/ei) Add the ability to imbue the wilderness boss rings and the ring of suffering at Pest Control Add the ability to "break" rings of recoil Make the target-specific bonuses show on the equipment screen while wearing the correct gear Add the ability to enchant onyx bracelets into regen bracelets
  10. Sup

    Glad to have you here
  11. Abyssal Sire Guide

    The Abyssal Sire is a slayer boss that requires 85 Slayer to fight. The Sire is located in the Abyssal Nexus, which can be accessed via the Fairy Ring code D•I•P in Zanaris. There are four separate chambers (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest) in which it can be fought. Recommended: Equipment setup: Inventory setup: Fight overview: Notable drops: Unsired rewards: I hope this guide was helpful to you. Please leave any feedback in the comments. Thanks for reading! Change log: [8/12/2017] Minor improvements to various sections; updated unsired drop rate [1/21/2017] "Equipment setup" section updated [1/2/2017] "Equipment setup" and "Inventory setup" sections updated [11/30/16] Added a change log to keep track of changes to this guide "Recommended" section now includes a recommended ranged level "Equipment setup" section trimmed and updated Elite clue rate adjusted [8/12/16] Created guide
  12. the birth of dj Khaled

    Well that was quick
  13. deviouss U I M !

    Good luck
  14. New Clue Scroll Guide [ Master Clues Added ]

    Fantastic guide man! I can tell you put a lot of effort into this.