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  1. Closing W2 until further notice

    Rip wild-isle.
  2. Magic Cape

  3. Imbued Rings

    i agree it's hard to get pc point's becouse it's dead content, i think nightmare zone should be added or somthing else
  4. Some minor bug's

    1: bug is the minimap it's blank and has no icon's like bank dollar sign's and stuff Pic: 2:Scimitar's are 1 bar ea were they should be 2. 3:Making fire with a log and tinderbox give's xp but u don't see the fire u made.
  5. skiller jad suggestions

    i think they should also add master clue reward to easy-elite so if u do an elite u can get a master clue from it.
  6. Master Clues

  7. When a Scammer Fails.... Ft. Harry

    Smh i gave u Elim1 stuff to max not to stake and scam people...
  8. W2

    i see ur signature is against the rule's
  9. I see what you did there server..

  10. elysian sigil on ironman

    i dare u
  11. Suggestions for Future Updates!

    Superiors + Kingdom +- The raid prayer before raids - Stash + otto ++++++++++++++++++++
  12. Sugestion for raids

    The sugestion is that u should not add full raids becouse it will take alot of time and work, i think u should like add the last boss and only the last boss drop the items this will be alot faster and will take less time.
  13. New Clue Scroll Guide [ Master Clues Added ]

    Love the guide it helps alot
  14. Spicy Suggestions

  15. Achievement Diary - Mega Thread - WIP

    hah gl with this thread