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  1. Welcome, hope to see you online sometime.
  2. Its been nice being along for the ride, Hope to be here for a long time to come with you all and the server.
  4. Because of size restrictions on the post with all the pictures i will not be posting the whole bank. Wouldn't Let me post more than like 7 or 8 pictures, and my bank is almost full so had to pick and choose what I wanted on there. Also wont be doing skilling tab since i basically just got 99 in almost everything, so im pretty much cleaned out. Enjoy! Main Tab - Cash, Teleports, Runes Tab 2 - Pots, Food, Fishing/Cooking Tab 3 - Main Gear Tab 6 - Pets, Random Drops Tab 8 - Some Cosmetics
  5. haha gz mate! took you long enough i would of gave up by now lol
  6. damnnn those two 3rd age kites
  7. keep them coming man, love the vids!
  8. Haha nice vid yet again! Try and catch up to my hc iron man! '"alis hc bird".
  9. Welcome! Hope you enjoy!
  10. My fucking stomach hurts I laughed so hard Hahahaha
  11. Ingame name: Phantom, Alis HC Bird Total level: 1907 Gamemode: Normal Why do I want to join Synergy: I love you all, been playing for a long time and finally got that 1900 Additional Info: love to talk and pvm with people
  12. congrats man!
  13. Wooo! Welcome back!
  14. Hello all to everyone who knows me, to everyone who doesn't i hope to meet up with you in game. As some of you may have noticed i took a two month break from the game, but im glad to say im back now for at least a little while. Missed you all, old and new players and i cant wait to play with you guys in game. feels good to be back. P.S. Ali's Bird is a Dick
  15. welcome