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  1. Get rid of this animation

    Good suggestion! Might wanna consider rewriting the whole minigame before adding something new. This to make sure in the new dmm/wild barrows items dont enter the game quickly since you can only kill one brother to get all the loot you want.
  2. Old Infinity (Why I left)

    Welcome back! I understand you left because you couldnt beat me maxing first HC next?
  3. Drop rates at Zulrah

    Seems like the community want its between 150-200. Lets walk in between 1/175
  4. Small list of Suggestions / Bugs

  5. Minor Updates

    Im in for this aswell, small fixes/bugs can help out DMM and the regular server. It's depressing to go to abby demons in slayer tower and see 5 abby demons.
  6. Cant wait to see boss progress!
  7. Small list of Suggestions / Bugs

    This is the most annoying one indeed
  8. Small list of Suggestions / Bugs

    - Kraken drops dont all show up (runite bars, diamonds(8), unpowered orbs) - Ring of wealth takes all coins from the ground to the inventory (like osrs) - Fiary slayer master is in edge and not in Zanaris - Dorgushan bow in range shop like DMM - Yanille shortcut doesn't work (for clue's) - Charter ships (so we can go to cave horrors) like DMM - Barrow's ladder at chest dissapears sometimes - Taverly dungeon has way to less black demons (5-7) - Slayer tower has way to less Abby demons (4-6) - Catacombs has way to less black demons (2) - More points in row bonus at 10/25/50/100 we should get more points - Med clue's are longer then hard/elite, they should be less steps - Logging out at kraken makes you sometimes be unable to bank/logout having you to close client - Slayer log off task (Please we want this, we want to see how dry we are) - Cave kraken (small ones) cant auto reliatiate - Gold ore respawn time is way to long! - Iban staff(u) (Quest/low tier drop)?
  9. Max cape perks

  10. Some helpfull teles

    Maybe add the scroll of redirection with all the tele tabs options to make it complete.
  11. Liked it! Keep going
  12. Buffing Drop tables / Superior slayer

    You cant really say that the drops the slayer npcs are good, i mean.. check out lesser demons for example. They drop alot of rune items, and are well balanced with herbs and rune items. But then again if you go to gargoylc you can't expect to much. Alot of steel drops, not alot of herbs and if you are lucky a gmaul. OSRS updated their drop table with a reason, and so my opinion is that Lost isle should look true those NPC to see if they should be buffed aswell to fit all NPC.
  13. Buffing Drop tables / Superior slayer

    Oh sorry about the Waterfiends, i looked over them.. but in regular osrs Nechyaels are amazing. They drop good herbs and good supplies. I wish some of the slayer monsters did get a look true, like hellhounds dropping dragon boots.. Thanks for your time tho!
  14. Hey! Is it possible to buff a few monsters to fit osrs. At the moment doing this tasks are worthless and not rewarding. Gargoyles Nechryaels Waterfiends Dust devils Kurasks And of course Superior Slayer so we can finally grind that amazing item! Superior Slayer EncountersFancy a bit of a break from your long slayer task? Want a bit more of a challenge after having killed 100 of the blasted things? Well, superior slayer encounters are for you!Unlocked for a one-off cost of 150 slayer points, superior slayer encounters occasionally appear while you're slaying on task. They are a higher level, more challenging version of a slayer monster. Superior slayer encounters can be toggled on or off whenever it suits you.Once unlocked, you'll have a small chance of encountering a superior slayer monster on any of the following tasks Crawling Hand Cave Crawler Banshee Rock Slug Cockatrice Pyrefiend Basilisk Infernal Mage Bloodveld Mutated Bloodveld Jelly Warped Jelly Cave Horror Aberrant Spectre Deviant Spectre Dust Devil Kurask Gargoyle Nechryael Greater Nechryael Abyssal Demon Dark Beast Smoke DevilIf a superior slayer monster spawns for you, only you will be able to kill it. If you choose to take it on, you'll receive three rolls on the drop table of the standard slayer monster.On top of three loots in one kill, there are also some brand new drops available from superior slayer monsters.Mist battlestaffThe mist battlestaff provides unlimited air and water runes when equipped. It requires level 30 Magic and level 30 Attack to equip. It also provides the following stats: Dust battlestaffThe dust battlestaff provides unlimited air and earth runes when equipped. It requires level 30 Magic and level 30 Attack to equip. It also provides the following stats: Imbued heartThe imbued heart is an unlimited source of magic power, able to boost your magic level. Once every 7 minutes the imbued heart can be used to give a magic boost of 1 + 10% of your magic level Extra benefitsSuperior slayer encounters also offer a 100% drop rate for totem pieces (when killed within the Catacombs of Kourend), 100% ensouled head drop rate and a 10x higher clue scroll drop rate.