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  1. W2

    So my idea was that when you log in you could go straight to Pking (bridding,pure pking and etc), but if you wanted to upgrade your gear you could do some slayer (assuming you will be able to set your stats to 99 all), and get some bm pretty quickly and lets say buy a dragon defender which would cost like 2k bm, or maybe a torso, or maybe void (just an example). About the PvMing I see PvMing as something optional, let's say you wanted to buy a blowpipe or bandos tassets, you could do PvMing OR you could just go pking and buy tassets from other players who are PvMing. The reason rates have to be so high is that people get their items pretty quickly, since PvMing isn't the main point of a PvP server.
  2. W2

    Learn some English and then come back. Thanks.
  3. W2

    EDIT: Some of the things might already be added so ignore them. Had this list for a while and I was too lazy to edit it out. Please note that W2 should be "PVP" server. There's literally no point in having 2 currency's and have to make your own money to even start getting gear for even the basic pking. The logic that you have to make money in a pvp server is really dumb. Main ideas 1. Free items: - Potions - Runes - Food - Teleport tabs - Basic gear: 1.1 Mystics or enchanted armour 1.2 Rune or rockshell armour 1.3 D'hide armour (including zamorak/saradomin/guthix etc..) 1.4 Misc items: Ancient staff, God capes/books, Amulet of glorys, Nezzy helm + other fremmy helms, climbing boots(maybe dragon boots?) ETC... 2. Blood money should be the only currency on W2 There's a few reason I can think of: - I think it would turn w2 into Lost-Isle v2 economy server with just better rates (kinda pointless) - People wouldn't have reasons to go pk and would 3. Obtaining items via PvM NPCs that are locked behind a slayer requirement should drop a small consistent amount of blood money(20-30), bosses such as Cerberus/Thermonuclear Smoke devil/Kraken would have a consistent amount of blood money drop (50-100) Items from GWD, Zulrah, Wilderness Bosses drops should be removed from the Blood Money Shops. Zulrah should not drop Blood Money. Reasons for this: The current Zulrah drops are already very useful and have a huge impact on the economy and PvP. Its a very easy monster to farm. Some ideas on how slayer bosses drop table/rates should look like: 1.Kraken 1/100 -Pet Kraken 1/25: -Kraken tent -Tent whip -Trident of the seas(full) -Toxic trident of the swamp -1000 Blood Money 100% drop: 50 Blood Money 2. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil 1/100: -Pet Smoke Devil 1/25: -Occult necklace -Smoke battlestaff 100% drop: -80 Blood Money -100 cooked anglerfish 3.Cerberus 1/100: -Hellpuppy 1/50 - Primordial crystal - Pegasian crystal - Eternal crystal - Smouldering stone 100% drop: -300 Blood Money -50 cooked dark crabs I would also suggest looking into making more shops which would have "Untradeables" in 1 shop (void, torso, dragon defender, fire cape, and etc...)
  5. Here, the transparency was hard to work with but i think i got it.


  6. Combat Feedback Thread

    He's asking for combat bugs, not content fixes & adds
  7. Enter, Strawhat

    Welcome to the server Strawhat!
  8. [9/21/16] Updates

    You better come online sometime in the future @Roky979
  9. Money making guide

    LOST-ISLE MONEY MAKING GUIDE Welcome to my money making guide in which i will show you the many methods that the server offers in order to make money. I'll try to include PvM and skilling methods of making money. This guide will be in 2 parts which will include 3 parts: Low-level money making methods Medium-level money making methods High-level money making methods 1. Skilling 1.1 Low - level methods of making money 1.1.1 Stealing from seeds stalls located in Draynor's village 1.2 Medium-level methods of making money: 1.2.1 Farming and making potions 1.2.2 Making mithril and adamant darts + 1.2.3 Fishing Monkfish and Sharks 1.3 High-level methods of making money: 1.1.3 Fishing dark crabs and angler fish 1.2.3 Making Ranging / Super antivenoms / Super combat potions 2. Killing monsters and slayer Useful items to have: Ring of wealth Slayer helm (if on task) 2.1 Low - level methods of making money 2.1.1 Killing the barrows brothers Useful tips for starters: Start slayer as soon a possible Pick up high level herbs (Ranarr+) Block metal dragon tasks 2.2 Medium - level methods of making money 2.2.1 Killing cave horrors 2.2.2 Killing Skeletal wyverns 2.3 High - level methods of making money 2.3.1 Killing Kraken 2.3.2 Killing GWD Bosses 2.3.3 Killing Zulrah aka The Profit Snake 2.3.4 Killing Cerberus
  10. Whats up blaz? 3 pets and 94 farming only

    This isn't even funny anymore @Nine
  11. [8/23/16] Updates

  12. Post maxed bank update

    36 days 2 hours as we speak
  13. Post maxed bank update

    Im a normal player