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  1. ok, hello back
  2. been here for around a year now, its by far the best time i have had online, and probably i will ever get. that is because of the friends i have made here and because you worked every day , 24h a day to keep this server up and trying to improve it daily. i want to thank you and obviously Twelve, Nine and Coors for that.
  3. i voted no simply because maybe it will get an use someday..
  4. sexy af how long it took ?
  5. there is no cash , oh no ! overall nice bank dude
  6. after 4984 Lizardman Shaman kills, I finally achieved my Dragon Warhammer. i want to thank @Cynosure @mick and last but not least rootme (who is stupid enough to not have a forums account.) because of you guys i kept motivated enough to keep grinding for my long waited DWH. thanks a lot boys, much love. https://gyazo.com/6dc46094a4c8f79840f917beb19b95cd -Menno
  7. welcome back infinity
  8. gz on killing someone afk with 14hits
  9. a small suggestion: keep track of the boss tasks you do and get goodluck anyways broski <3
  10. roque outfit is already added, a small chance from m box.
  11. lucky man
  12. accepted if you ask me
  13. welcome back i suppose and yes, a ranking system would be perfect! both ideas sound amazing ! 101% support from me!