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  1. Imbued Rings

    agreed. maybe a simple way of Nightmare Zone. just a few quest bosses you can kill for nightmare points?
  2. Some minor bug's

    yeah this is game changing
  3. Raids, Inferno, Construction, etc.

    #excited #proud #gottaskillagainfordamnmaxcapeffs
  4. reporting dismantled.

    lets me give you a tip: ALWAYS RECORD YOUR RISK FIGHTS/STAKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people don't do this all the time and blame staff later , like wtf! staff can't do shit because they are a mid team, but if you got a recording of him scamming you, you got proof brooooo.
  5. skiller jad suggestions

    but +1 for all the others
  6. skiller jad suggestions

    agreed with all, but the clue step thing i want to discuss because yes, there are a lot of steps involved, but it litterly takes 2 minutes to complete them (easy,mediums)
  7. My Bank

    get out here nigel
  8. World 1 Skilling

  9. Add a cave horror entrance

  10. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    what sil said
  11. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

  12. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    dutch #1
  13. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    perm muted sorry pls unmute me @Clank1336
  14. Sir Mary (read before u watch)

    lmao those editting skills looks like a tree could do better.. oh wait love u sill
  15. When a Scammer Fails.... Ft. Harry

    because that guy is playing roblox... says enough right?