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  1. Imbued Rings

    +1 from me
  2. World 2 Suggestions

    i do like some of the suggestions in this post ill try and get them added
  3. New Drop Rates

    - Zulrah 1. Changed the rates of Tanzanite Fang, Magic Fang, Serpentine Visage and Uncut Onyx 2. Removed Calquat, Papaya, Palm, and Crystal seed from the drop table 3. Added crushed nests instead of sara brews 4. Changed the rate of the Tanzanite and Magma Mutagen - Cerberus 1. Changed the rates on Priordial, Pegasian, Eternal crystal and Smouldering stone - Tzhaar-Xil , Tzhaar-Ket 1. Changed the rates on Uncut onyx, Toktz-xil-ul, Toktz-xil-ak, Toktz-xil-ek, Obsidian cape 2. Lowed the rate on Tooth Half, and Loop Halfs - Bandos Minnions 1. Changed the rate on Bandos chestplate, Bandos tassets, Bandos boots - Bandos 1. Changed the rates of Bandos chestplate, tassets, bandos boots, and bandos hilt - Kree'Arra Minnions 1. Changed the rates of Armadyl Helmet, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Godsword Shards 2. Reworked the Drop table removed some items, added new items - Kree'Arra 1. Changed the rates of Armadyl Helmet, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Armadyl Hilt - K'ril Tsutsaroth 1. Changed the rate of Zamorakian hilt, staff of the dead , Zamorakian spear, and Steam battlestaff - K'ril Tsutsaroth Minnions 1. Changed the rate of Zamorakian spear, and Steam battlestaff - Callisto, Chaos Elemental, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Archaeologist, Scorpia, Venenatis, Vet'ion 1. Changed the rate of Mysterious emblem - King Black Dragon 1. Removed some items from the droptable 2. Changed some item amounts on the drop table - Abyssal Sire 1. Removed some items from the drop table - Dagannoth Kings 1. Fixed some items from being noted (they should of been unnoted)
  4. Every Clue Scroll Requirement

    Why make this post when I have all the items u need for clue scrolls in my clue scroll guide
  5. plz fix

    Raids will not be added till we want to work on full raids
  6. New Home New donation system Karambwan/anglerfish moved to fishing guild Fixed fire max hood Fixed noting/unnoting on NPC's for ultimate
  7. Hey Hey

    Welcome to the server
  8. 12/20/16 Christmas Event

    New Updates :- A Christmas event has been added you can start the event by talking to the Troll Child just south of home This Event will run through dec 20 - dec 28 Rewards are : 1. Antisanta Outfit 2. Santa Outfit 3. A chance at a real santa hat Bug Fixes : - 1. Fixed right click options on max cape 2. Fixed fishing guild door 3. Changed cannon decay delay from 5 to 25 minutes like osrs 4. Fixed slayer requirement for dust devils 5. Fixed magic axe drop table
  9. Heyhey :D

    welcome Mariusa I hope u enjoy your stay pm me in game if u need help or want to talk
  10. Barrows Guide

    Lost-Isle Barrows Guide Made By : Walkie Getting there : The best way to get to barrows would be the barrows teleport tab, You can buy the teleport tabs from the extreme donor shop from Matthias. The other way to get to barrows would be from the Wizard Distentor at home, To get to barrows from the wizard You need to right click teleport and go to minigames and click barrows you will get teleport hear the tunnels all you need to do is walk south a little bit to get the tunnels. Requirements : There is no requirements to do barrows but I do suggest some skills. Suggested skill levels : 50+ Magic (75+ ideal for use of Trident of the seas/Trident of the swamp) 70+ Attack and Strength 50+ Range 60+ Defence 55+ Slayer (For use of the slayer dart) 43+ Prayer (Highly recommended to block damage from the brothers, especilly Dharok) Recommended Method Armour Because the melee Barrows brothers have such low Magic Defence, it does not matter whether you wear Melee or Magic gear if you plan to attack them with Magic. Although using magical armour such as Mystic or Ahrim's will improve your Magic accuracy, they do have a low Defence against magical attacks, but using Melee armour together with Slayer Dart will greatly lower your Magic accuracy. Slayer helmet(i) / Serpentine helm - Helm of neitiznot Occult necklace/Amulet of fury - Amulet of glory Karil's leathertop / Barrows melee platebody / Blessed body / Black d'hide / Ahrim's robetop Bandos tassets / Verac's plateskirt / Guthan's chainskirt (if using full guthan) / Other barrows platelegs Eternal boots / Infinity boots / Mystic boots / Pegasian boots / Snakeskin boots / Primordial boots / Dragon boots / Rock climbing boots Fire cape / God cape / Ava's accumulator Book of darkness / Blessed spirit shield / Dragonfire shield / Crystal shield / Mages'book / Unholy book Barrow gloves / Infinity gloves / Dragon gloves / Rune gloves Seer's ring (i) / Seer's ring / Archers ring (i) / Archers ring / Ring of wealth Weapon : For : Dharok, Verac, Guthan, Torag Use the best spell you can. The trident of the swamp (aka Toxic trident) is the best weapon to use for magic. Otherwise a trident of the seas, Slayer dart, Wave spells, Blast spells will work well.(In order of best to wrost) For : Ahrim, Karils Bring a Dragon scimitar or Abyssal whip to slay Ahrim, Karils its the best way to deal damage to them since they do have high Magic defence. Inventory : Spade Magic shortbow / Toxic blowpipe / Crystal bow Abyssal whip / Dragon scimitar Melee platebody / D'hide body Runes for spell casting (Only if necessary) Ranging potion(if you wish) 2 Prayer potion Some food (So you dont die) Tunnel Runs : What most people do is they kill Ahrim's then they search for the tunnel so it would be a 2kc chest The Rates for a barrows item is 1kc = 2kc = 3kc = 4kc = 5kc = 6kc = 1.6.6666 Verac's Spawn point / Safespot : Search where im standing and run to the arrows is and attack from there with magic Ahrims Spawn point : Search where im standing and it will spawn right next to, Use protect from magic and attack ahrims with melee Dharoks Spawn point / Safespot : Search where im standing at and move to the square on the image and attack with magic Guthan Spawn point / Safespot : Search where im standing and move to the square on the image and attack with magic Karils Spawn point : Search where im standing and protect range and attack karils with melee Torags Spawn point / Safespot : Search where im standing at and attack with magic
  11. [10/5/16] Updates

    Thanks for the updates
  12. "grimkeepers" list of items that can be remembered. rest are okay being lost.


    void top, bottom, gloves, melle & mage helm

    dragon boots, dragon legs, rockshell top, whip, 12m cash, blowpipe, xil shield

    fury, occult, toxic trident, loot bag, 186 dragon bones, karil's bow, 1137 bolt racks, 1001 dragon darts, mithril dragon mask, 7 obby capes, gaint rc pouch.

    all i could remember i had. rest is okay being lost. back to the clue grind.

  13. [9/7/16] Updates

    Thanks for the updates
  14. Lost-Isle Crafting

    Welcome To Lost-Isle Crafting Guide Crafting is a skill that allows players to creata items such as jewellery, Weapons and armor for use or for trade. Crafting Shop : The Crafting Shop is located in Al Kharid, you can get there from a amulet of glory then follow the map to get there. Spinning : Spinning is the process of turning raw materials such as flax into bowstring, by using a Spinning Wheel. A popular and convenient spinning wheel is located below the bank in lumbridge castle. Raw Material : Flax Finished Product : Bowstring Level : 10 Raw Material : Sinew Finished Product : Crossbow String Level : 10 Leather : To begin leather crafting, players need a needle and thread, You can get the items from Al Kharid crafting shop, You will need to tan the leather from the tanner in Al Kharid The prices for tanning hides will be below.' Tanning Costs : 1 Coin Per Ordinary Leather 3 Coins Per Head Leather 20 Coins Per Dragonhide Item : Leather Gloves Level : 1 Exp : 412 Item : Leather Boots Level : 7 Exp : 488 Item : Cowl Level : 9 Exp : 555 Item : Leather Vambraces Level : 11 Exp : 660 Item : Leather Body Level : 14 Exp : 750 Item : Leather Chaps Level : 18 Exp : 810 Item : Hard Leather Body Level : 28 Exp : 1050 Item : Coif Level : 38 Exp : 1110 Dragonhides : Please note crafting dragonhides is extremely similar to normal leather crafting, except that : Only Vambraces, Chaps, and boides can be made Obtaining dragonhides is slow but profitable Item : Green d'hide vambraces Level : 57 Exp : 1860 Item : Green d'hide chaps Level : 60 Exp : 3720 Item : Green d'hide body Level : 63 Exp : 5580 Item : Blue d'hide vambraces Level : 66 Exp : 2100 Item : Blue d'hide chaps Level : 68 Exp : 4200 Item : Blue d'hide body Level : 71 Exp : 6300 Item : Red d'hide vambraces Level : 73 Exp : 2340 Item : Red d'hide chaps Level : 75 Exp : 4680 Item : Red d'hide body Level : 77 Exp : Item : Black d'hide vambraces Level : 79 Exp : Item : Black d'hide chaps Level : 82 Exp : Item : Black d'hide body Level : 84 Exp : Glass : Glass blowing is a part of the crafting skill. The Following will be Required. A Glassblowing pipe. It can be obtained from the tanner in Al Kharid. Bucket of sand. It can be obtained from the tanner in Al Kharid. Ashes. Ashes can be obtained all over lost isle, you can get from firemaking or even killing npcs that drop aches. With all of the ingredients in the inventory, use a bucket of sand and ashes in a furace to create molten glass. Use the glassblowing pipe with the molten glass to blow various items : Item : Molten Glass Level : 1 Exp : Item : Beer Glass Level : 1 Exp : Item : Candle Lantern Level : 4 Exp : Item : Oil Lamp Level : 12 Exp : Item : Vial Level : 33 Exp : Item : Fishbowl Level : 42 Exp : Item : Unpowered Orb Level : 46 Exp : Item : Lantern Lens Level : 49 Exp : Item : Dorgeshuun Light orb Level : 87 Exp : Jewellery : Gems : Gems can be cut with a chisel Gem : Opal Level : 1 Gem : Jade Level : 13 Gem : Red Topaz Level : 16 Gem : Sapphire Level : 20 Gem : Emerald Level : 27 Gem : Ruby Level : 34 Gem : Diamond Level : 43 Gem : Dragonstone Level : 55 Gem : Onyx Level : 67 Gem : Zenyte Level : 89 Gold Jewellery : Crafting jewellery is done by using a cut gems, the mould of the jewellery item. and a gold bar into a furnace. Item : Gold ring Level : 5 Item : Gold necklace Level : 6 Item : Gold bracelet Level : 7 Item : Gold amulet Level : 8 Item : Sapphire ring Level : 20 Item : Sapphire necklace Level : 22 Item : Sapphire bracelet Level : 23 Item : Sapphire amulet Level : 24 Item : Emerald ring Level : 27 Item : Emerald necklace Level : 29 Item : Emerald bracelet Level : 30 Item : Emerald amulet Level : 31 Item : Ruby ring Level : 34 Item : Ruby necklace Level : 40 Item : Ruby bracelet Level : 42 Item : Ruby amulet Level : 50 Item : Diamond ring Level : 43 Item : Diamond necklace Level : 56 Item : Diamond bracelet Level : 58 Item : Diamond amulet Level : 70 Item : Dragonstone ring Level : 55 Item : Dragonstone necklace Level : 72 Item : Dragonstone bracelet Level : 74 Item : Dragonstone amulet Level : 80 Item : Slayer Ring Level : 75 Item : Onyx ring Level : 67 Item : Onyx necklace Level : 82 Item : Onyx bracelet Level : 84 Item : Onyx amulet Level : 90 Item : Zenyte ring Level : 89 Item : Zenyte necklace Level : 92 Item : Zenyte bracelet Level : 95 Item : Zenyte amulet Level : 98 Weaponry Battlestaves : Making crafting weaponry is done by combining battlestaves with charged orbs. Item : Water Battlestaff Level : 54 Exp : Item : Earth Battlestaff Level : 58 Exp : Item : Fire Battlestaff Level : 62 Exp : Item : Air Battlestaff Level : 66 Exp :
  15. Lost-Isle Hunter

    Welcome To Lost-Isle Hunter Guide Hunter is a skill where players catch different animals and creatures in RuneScape. Although Hunter is a non-combat skill, players can still be damaged while hunting. Using hunting equipment bought from hunter stores, players can hunt specific creatures obtaining rewards such as spotted kebbit fur for spotted cape, chinchompa ammunition, black salamanders, and the fabled dragon impling jar. Hunter Skilling Pet Rates : Normal Chinchompa - 1/9000 Carnivorous Chinchompa - 1/7500 Black Chinchompa - 1/6000 Hunter Areas Hunter areas are places where players can hunt. Most of the hunter areas are near a fairy ring. The central ring in zanaris is close to a bank which can be used to deposit rewards. Feldip Hunter Area - Fairy ring code : AKS Whats Location in Feldip Hunter Area : Piscatoris Hunter Area - Fairy ring code : AKQ Whats Location in Piscatoris Hunter Area : Copper Longtail Prickly Kebbit Chinchompa Swamp Lizard Area (East of canifis) - Fairy ring code : CKS Wilderness : Black Chinchompas - Teleport to king black dragon then follow map Black Salamanders - Teleport to edgeville then follow the map Hunting techniques Bird Snaring : Birds Are hunted using a Bird Snare Level 1 = Crimson Swift Location = Feldip Hunter Area Level 9 = Copper Longtail Location = Piscatoris Hunter Area Level 19 = Tropical Wagtail Location = Feldip Hunter Area Deadfall Trapping : Deadfall trapping is done with a Knife and Logs. Level 33 = Barb-tailed Kebbit Location = Feldip Hunter Area Level 37 = Prickly Kebbit Location = Piscatoris Hunter Area Box Trapping : Box trapping is done with a box trap. Level 53 = Chinchompa Location = Piscatoris Hunter Area Level 63 = Carnivorous Chinchompa Location = Feldip Hunter Area Level 73 = Black Chinchompa Location = Wilderness Net Trapping : Net trapping is done using a small fishing net and rope. Level 29 = Swamp lizard Location = East of canifis Level 67 = Black Salamander Location = Wilderness Puro Puro Puro-Puro contains all the Implings, and players can gain access to it either at the Zanaris wheat field, which contains a permanent portal. The Maze Currently the Maze is the only accessible feature of Puro-Puro, and contains a number of Implings of varying types. As mentioned above all the player needs to do is enter a portal, and they will find themselves just outside the Maze. Elnock Inquisitor is also located outside the Maze. Elnock Inquisitor will trade u implings for items Magic Butterfly net = Three Gourmet Implings, Two Earth Implings, One Essence Impling Jar Generator = Three Essence Implings, Two Eclectic Implings, One Nature Impling Implings : Implings can be caught with a butterfly net and a impling jar. Level 17 = Baby impling Level 22 = Young impling Level 28 = Gourmet impling Level 36 = Earth impling Level 42 = Essence impling Level 50 = Eclectic impling Level 58 = Nature impling Level 65 = Magpie impling Level 74 = Ninja impling Level 83 = Dragon impling