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  1. great work ,thanks
  2. shit bank not gunna lie
  3. great work
  4. thanks for the updates
  5. great banks, goodluck on your goals hope to see them get done one day
  6. great work hank
  7. NOW I FINISHED MY MAX CAPE GOAL THEASE ARE SOME NEW GOALS: Green = Done Red = Not Done Bank : Bandos : - bandos chestplate - bandos tassets - bandos boots - banos hilt - pet bandos Armadyl : - armadyl helmet - armadyl chestplate - armadyl chainskirt - armadyl hilt -pet armadyl Zamorak : - zamorak spear -staff of the dead - stream battlestaff x2 - zamorak hilt - pet zamorak Saradomin : - armadyl crossbow - saradomin sword - saradomin hilt - pet saradomin 5K ZULRAH KC: RANK 1 OVERALL: 200M SLAYER : AND THATS IT FOR NOW