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  1. -Added pre-determined presets, updated quest tab, added player statistics interface, made skilling shops not free, adjusted prices for certain items, -fixed item definitions for new raid items, fixed barrows death animations, removed 60 runecrafting requirement from primordial, pegasian and eternal boots, added magic damage boost for ancestral robes, changed combat xp rate to normal RS for world 2, removed fee for nieves cave on w2 -fixed dragonfire shield stacking with attack damage -Can no longer attack a target who is under you and comes out for 1 tick whilst you're frozen -Only clear removable actions when clicking npc/player (fixes 1tick switching) -Fixed dragon claws anim/gfx
  2. ohmylawd
  3. I like this idea I will look into it shortly
  4. Thank you, glad to see your excited. We hope everyone is excited as us to get this started and going strong. As for your questions.... Blood money will be different rates depending on your status in game. Regular player: 250 per kill | Donator: 350 per kill | Extreme Donator: 500 per kill For target kills (yes we are using the bounty hunter system) Regular: 350 | Donator: 500 | Extreme: 750 Untradable items will be kept on death but will also be tradable to other players (Fire cape, Defenders, Fighter Torso.) NOTE: This is all subject to change depending on where things lead us. WE DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG BETA WILL LAST AND ALL PLAYERS WILL BE RESET AFTER BETA IS OVER. Our purpose of hosting this beta version of Wild-Isle is to find any bugs, problems etc. We will be leaning on the support of suggestions to make this the best PvP server on the block. I personally will be noting any and all suggestions. Post your suggestions on the forums or PM me or another staff member in game. Please be patient with us for we are trying to get everything in the best shape we can get it before we release fully.
  5. ---WINTERTODT--- This skilling boss is an unknown entity that brings unfathomable cold to the abandoned and desolate reaches of Zeah. According to the look-out, it is unclear what the Wintertodt actually is, but its ability to alter the weather to such extremely low temperatures has earned it notoriety among the people of Great Kourend. Find the teleport at the wizard inside home bank. Any guide on youtube will suffice in order to learn how to do this minigame/boss. It is exactly like OSRS. So get to it! Get your firemaking experience, along with the Phoenix pet. (Reminds me of Ho-oh) Phoenix drop rate is 1/3000 Dragon axe drop rate is 1/5000. The amount of items recieved via crate is how many chances you get at either rare drop. Furthermore...... -Fixed Hardcore Ironmen being turned into Ultimate Ironmen. -Added Dragon Halbred to the bounty reward shop. -All players go to the hangout cc automatically on login. -Cannon has been temporarily disabled at corp until we find a fix for it. Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy.
  6. Just a quick forums announcement for anyone that doesn't know me. I would like all ideas, problems, and bugs that any players find to either tell me in-game via pm or via forums. When I say problems, this can pertain to ANYTHING that you have a problem with.... Players, your pc, your dog died, etc. I do not care what it is, come to me. When I say suggestions, I do not care if you want the home bank to be blue and filled with chinchompas, give me your ideas. I will be checking daily for anything on the forums, and any time I am online in-game i will take note of everything. For anyone that knows me, you know how I am with this stuff so lets get it all sorted asap. Thanks everyone, I am extremely happy to be back on board and lets make this the best for everyone.
  7. doge
  8. Here is a list of available commands for players and donators. ::commands..... Directs you to this forum post. ::changepass..... Example ::changepass password ::lock..... Example: Lock Attack ::unlock..... Example: Unlock Attack ::players..... Shows current player count. ::vote..... Type ::vote to be directed to our supported toplist sites. Thanks! ::donate..... Links you to our online webstore and will direct you on how to donate. Any donations are greatly appreciated, and also help support the server to grow bigger! ::forums..... Directs you to our forums to find anything you need. ::rules..... Directs you to our rules. Be sure to read and understand them completely! ::guides..... Directs you to all of our amazing available guides. These are very helpful! ::updates..... Directs you to a list of all of our update logs. Track our progress! ::benefits..... Directs you to a list of our current donator features. ::yell (donor) Able to send a global message for all players to see. ::placeholder (donor) ::placeholder true enables placeholders, ::placeholder false disables them.
  9. We are currently working with a few youtubers (OSRS Sam and Fewb) and it would be greatly appreciated if you guys took them time to check out both of the series and drop a like on the videos. And if you haven't already be sure to check our Iron Roky's videos too! Links to the first episodes of the series are below. RSPS Roky OSRS Sam Fewb Be sure to leave a like! Thanks everyone
  10. 1. Implemented server wide messages 2. Fixed dark beast drop rate for d arrows and d darts 3. Fixed combat definition for normal tortured gorillas so they actually hit 4. Fixed xp rates for melee 5. Implemented 200m xp announcement when players reach 200m 6. Admins should now have unlimited run 7. Fixed issues with warriors guild 8. Shilo Village is back up and everything is now there