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  1. gzzz buddy
  2. Id like to add up to this: If you're a high lvl combat you can aslo kill balck demons and alch their drops because they drop d scims and alot of rune items. You can make like 400k under 10 minutes
  3. Looks nice
  4. gilded 2h shield?
  5. Yoo old infinity welcome back man
  6. gl tree man
  7. Scuffed
  8. Give me back my bird rank please
  9. We would love to have you in the clan. We only need to wait for jad or maxed for approval but im 100% sure you will be accepted
  10. i like the idea of mass bossing and maybe make that a weekly event
  11. Congrats bro <3
  12. Still collecting seeds i see
  13. He accepted us and then we decided that we will choose our members as a clan. so its clan decision which jad doesnt have anything to do with unless he and the team decide together who will join. So waiting for jad's decision is pointless at this moment because multiple people including me dont want to accept you. you could have made it so easy and just get the requirements but you made it harder for yourself.
  14. "I don't accept a response from you, as previously explained," We told you need the requirements and you kept going how jad will still accept you. this isnt just jad's decision since he isnt active right now. You can keep argueing with this shit and get a lesser chance of being added to the clan or you just get the fucking requirements that are set.