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  1. Add a cave horror entrance

    Title says it all. add a entrance to cave horrors so people can still do their cave horror task even tho they dont have a slayer ring. this suggestion has been made multiple times so i wanted to bring it up again.
  2. Magic Cape

    Support and also add it that we can switch up to 5 times a day like in osrs
  3. W2

    Great suggestion. I would love to see this get added in w2
  4. Get rid of this animation

    Please get rid of this animation for the barrows brothers. https://i.gyazo.com/8a60863fd3383c8933f8b924825ab434.mp4
  5. Boss Drop Tables [WIP]

    Hey buddy nice thread but you know you can examine the boss to see the drops
  6. The Runecrafting Guide

    Poll double deaths
  7. elysian sigil on ironman

    gzzz buddy
  8. Starting Cash Guide

    Id like to add up to this: If you're a high lvl combat you can aslo kill balck demons and alch their drops because they drop d scims and alot of rune items. You can make like 400k under 10 minutes
  9. Second CSGO Edit

    Looks nice
  10. Old Infinity (Why I left)

    Yoo old infinity welcome back man
  11. Buffing Drop tables / Superior slayer

    Hellhounds drop d boots because we dont have spiritual mages in the gmae yet. some drops are different in osrs because we dont have all the npcs added. and not all npcs need to be added to the game. the drops of slayer npcs are good for now tbh
  12. 1 Month of Pvming [FINISHED]

    gl tree man
  13. My bank

    Still collecting seeds i see
  14. My bank 2.0

    both from elites