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  1. Nerdy Achievement #2

    Fucking hell lol, nice job bud.
  2. Wilderness Boss Spawn Locations

    Nice one remi!
  3. Selling Twisted bow!!

  4. Ox starting a Youtube?!

    Looking forward to seeing more videos!
  5. It's been awhile and im back :D

    Welcome back mate, Good luck on rebuild!
  6. Price Guide [Updated]

    This comes in handy a lot of time cheers.
  7. My Bank.

    Nice bank dude better then mine
  8. My Bank

    Dope ass bank dude
  9. 1 Month of Pvming [FINISHED]

    That is some awesome loot man, wish i had that bank.
  10. Skotizo

    I'm so wet right now. awesome job with the boss.
  11. Loot from 100 Clue Scrolls - Uranium

    Bonk loot right there.
  12. [7/24/16] Hunter And Wild Bosses

    Nice Update guys keep it up.
  13. [Lost-isle] 50M Giveaway?!

    Thank you man much Love.
  14. Confire's Bank

    Nice bank.