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  1. Farewell Guys

    what do you think they have been working on with the whole combat revamp that will be placed very soon.
  2. 1 KC pet warrior

    holy wow
  3. Legend's Showcase

    yo legend ill totally buy one man do one for "solo life"
  4. Get on my level :P

    wow don't think anyone can top that gj man that's amazing!
  5. Combat Feedback Thread

    while killing an npc of any type near a wall the drop doesn't appear. also while fighting players sometimes you will dance with them
  6. Famalam Intro

    welcome fam! hope to see you in game more often!
  7. Hello

    would love you to clean no1sperfect you would be loved by the server. Future thoughts
  8. My Name Is Duration!

    welcome nice to meet you seen you at barrows a lot! gl with drops