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  1. When activating the armour animation at warriors guild it should put you in combat instantly, on here it allows you to insta tele when activating the animation. Clicking on players in safe zone was taken away from osrs to prevent suicides, might decrease the player base maybe have a warning when clicking on a player. Add mithril seeds to gen store. Some times when you kill a player there bank key wont go into inventory and it shows there loot on the ground but you cannot loot anything period. multi zone in nieves cave needs re worked beginning of cave is multi towards kraken. When previewing your keys its kind of buggy and once you switch to one key you cant look at the other? Clan chat is bugged if you try and rank people in your cc to make it so people cant join it will then not allow anyone to join even yourself and will say you joined but cannot see any cc
  2. what do you think they have been working on with the whole combat revamp that will be placed very soon.
  3. holy wow
  4. Ingame name: Solo Life Total level:1950 Gamemode: Iron Man Why you want to join Syngergy: Want some fun pvming buddys Any additional info: my rng is god like just saying (bludgeon 79 kc)
  5. yo legend ill totally buy one man do one for "solo life"
  6. wow don't think anyone can top that gj man that's amazing!
  7. ^ its going to be epic @Nichlas
  8. I am so hyped for this like cant wait its going to be so much fun!
  9. welcome fam! hope to see you in game more often!
  10. would love you to clean no1sperfect you would be loved by the server. Future thoughts
  11. welcome nice to meet you seen you at barrows a lot! gl with drops