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  1. Bar Brawl

    No one with any feedback?
  2. Bar Brawl

    This is my suggestion for a minigame i came up with back in like, 2013. I've been hoping one day, it would come to life. Today, i'm hoping now with Wild-Isle being out, it could come to life here soon. Welcome, to Bar Brawl. Instead of the the 100M risk, it could be like a 10K-2147M blood money risk for the High Risk component of the Mini-Game. Leave all of your feedback, and suggestions of what could make it decent/improved. Thanks for reading, 44.

    Suhh dude.
  4. Gorrilla Guide (Noob Friendly)

    Welcome to the Demonic Gorilla/Tortured Gorilla guide on how to shred through them fast, and efficiently with minimal food waste. Ready? Lets go. Gear: What you're going to want to wear, is something with heavy defense bonus, and decent strength bonus. Regardless of gear, they can still hit a max of 30 on you. Gear Choice (MELEE): Serpentine Helmet: Causes your target to have poison damage, which stacks upon your regular hits, it's very helpful. Amulet of Fury: Simply because it's best-in-slot except for Amulet of Torture, great strength bonus. Dragon Defender: Best-in-slot once again, except for a DFS (DragonFire Shield). Fire Cape: Best-in-slot as always. Tentacle Whip: Also has the chance of poisoning your enemy, helps stack hits. Rest is pretty self explanatory. Gear choice (RANGE): Serpentine Helmet, still: Because of the poison damage. Karil's Bow: Because they're inexpensive, and do plenty of damage. As fast as Blow Pipe so it's easy stacks. Armadyl Chest plate/Plate Legs: Simply because it's still best-in-slot for range. Ring of Wealth: Just because it gives a 10% bonus chance on achieving your target drop. Combat tips to be efficient with your food: When in combat with Demonic Gorillas, there's two main things to know: They pray all three types of Protection Prayers, and when fighting them, rocks fall from the ceiling that can max hit you for a good chunk of 32 HP. The rock mechanic is self explanatory also, simply move out of the block that it's falling in. Another thing to keep in mind, is the combat triangle. The combat triangle is as follows: Melee gear is weak to Magic damage. Magic robes are weak to Melee & Range damage. Ranging gear is weak to Range & Melee damage, just like Magic robes. This should explain where i'm going to go with this topic, which is when you're using ranging gear to pray range, as your gear will absorb most magic damage, when using Melee gear, pray magic. These Monsters do not use melee at all, so they're a piece of cake and you need not worry about them randomly maxing a 50 on you with something random. Tortured Gorillas: Now, for Tortured Gorillas, all you have to do is go to 20 hp with a dwarven rock cake (Can be purchased in general store), and use full Dharok's. They do not hit very often, most of the time you'll get flooded with 0's, and very rarely an occasional 6 or so. No prayer protection needed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And that concludes my guide. Hope you enjoyed, 44.