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  1. When a Scammer Fails.... Ft. Harry

    It's sodapoppin playing it.. i don't see why people think im just watching fucking roblox..

    Then remi tped me to rockcrabs and got me killed, ty great time DISCLAIMER: this isn't dead-isle or affiliated with lost-isle in any way.
  3. Dmm drop Notice

    Clank said dont fucking leak info you scrub
  4. Hello

  5. Dwarf Cannon Guide {Unofficial}

    Speak to the Captain Lawgof to start the quest Now you have to find the notes, roun south east and find this cave Then run north through the cave until you get to a room full of crates and search the following. Run back and speak to him again for the next part of the quest Now you must find the tool kit, travel to the goblin village north of falador Tavel back to the Captain and speak to him, then click on the cannon to fix it. Now he gives you one last task, finding a guards son. travel back to the cave where you first found the notes and go to the same room. FIRST, SPEAK TO NULODOIN. He will tell you where he last saw his son. Then tavel to the mentioned cave. Next. go back to Nulodoin to make sure his son got home safely. After that, go back to the Captain to finish the quest.
  6. DWARF CANNON, NO FKIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. deviouss U I M !

    It would be nice if you added some media, Good thread though you're progressing nicely