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  1. fixes and suggestions by Future

    1. When making amethyst arrow tips we should get some crafting exp (on osrs it's 60 exp per set of 15) 2.The exp on the spin flax spell is really bad, you can get around 350k exp an hour and it is a very click intensive way to train crafting 3.the pj timer at wyverns are sooo bad ... 4.making armour sets would be a great way to save space in your bank waiting for the construction update 5.We have been wanting Zahur into the game for a long time, if it could be added soon would be appreciated.(npc that puts herbs into vials of water for 200 ea) 6.with the update of ensouled heads, a great item would be soul bearer to send our heads to bank 7.changing the servant's moneybags at redwoods would be a lot better if it were actual redwood trees 8.finishing exp tracker with all the utilities
  2. Maxing Menno

    get gud, thats my tip
  3. Suggestions for Future Updates!

    kingdom +1 hidey holes +1 superior +1
  4. the fuck u at bruv -wealth

  5. Money making guide for rich AND poor people!!

    probably the best guide ever, i use it everyday now
  6. pew pew pew

    hello everyone, so today im writing this to make a trade mark on ''pew pew pew'', that's my line, don't say it unless you write it as this: ''pew pew pew™'' thank you, Future Maxed