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  1. Road To Max Hardcore Ironman (HC Lyfe)

    Good Luck man! it will be nice to see some more maxed hardcores
  2. skiller jad suggestions

    While I understand that Widly-Isle and raids are the priority right now, i do have a few suggestion that would be nice to the overall experience of the game. Suggestions for already existing content: change easy clues from 2-9 steps to 2-5 steps and med clues from 3-10 steps to 3-5 steps. reason: i feel that they have no reason being so long since most of their items are not going to ruin the eco and the suggested length is the osrs length. (changed my mind. i think it is fine now) *NEW* Add master clues as a reward to all clue levels increase catch rate of black chin (maybe red chins). reason: while doing hunter over the last few days I have been gaining around 750k an hour, i believe that this is terribly low and should be more around 1.5-1.89m and hour since. even 1m an hour rates would be good. (i am willing to help test this) Waston for clue storage(if this is even possible): give waston the ability to hold 1 of each clue for the master (you cant take out, only give him). this will help those who like to do clues but also dont want to complete them during a slayer task Suggestions for new content: add two more achievements: morytania and desert for morytania: the reward could be an increased runes from barrows chest (not as much as osrs). i think it would be nice for those you need runes and can afford them from the store for desert: the reward can be an npc that you can pay to turn your herbs in to unfinished potions (need herb and vial of water) for 200gp per potion. this will just save time for those going for mass amounts of xp. Hidey holes: i think this has been suggested before but ill do it again. this would really help people with bank space and those who chose to take the uim challenge. and it would just add a better experience to clue in my opinion This is all i have for now. again i understand that there are more important things on the table right now but i think these would be a nice addition/improvement in the near future when there is time Also please feel free to leave your feedback/opinions for these suggestions, this is just my point of view so it would be nice to hear what other people think/want
  3. Nerdy Achievement #2

    well as if the last achievement wasnt nerdy enough here is another one From this i received 12,192 marks of grace and all 7 colored graceful sets! onward to the next achievement!
  4. osbuddy features

    Please comment below on what os-buddy features you would like to see on lost-isle. (Here is a link for some of features they have my list: better hp bar item on ground overlay Slayer task counter
  5. A Nice Nerdy Achievement

    well there is still a lot of xp to go, but it is a nice achievement along the way
  6. Maxing Menno

    just be a pro and doooo it... that is the only tip i can give you my old friend!
  7. Hello all, below will be the banks of my two accounts. i do not know the the wealth of either and i honestly dont care.. pro jad's bank Main tab: Tab 1: Tab 2: Tab 3: Tab 4: Tab 5: Tab 6: Tab 7: Tab 8: Tab 9: Skiller jad's bank Main tab: Tab 1: Tab 2: Tab 3: Tab 4: Tab 5: Tab 6: Tab 7: Tab 8:
  8. 1 kc dagannoth prime pet

    this makes me cry... im at 1700kc and no pet :'(
  9. Old Infinity Bank (Pre max) my bank spoiler, just for you
  10. Old Infinity Bank (Pre max)

    get a better bank nub! lol jk. got a pretty nice bank!
  11. R O C K Y is going for max!! + bank pics.

    gl on maxing! personally would organize the bank a but more but it isnt the worst!

    woo!! gz <3
  13. Post maxed bank update

    you mean elite player ;)
  14. Post maxed bank update

    dat chin pet tho