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  1. Two Years.

    I'm happy to apart of this server , been a pleasure since the start of Lost-Isle! Cannot wait for another two great years to come.
  2. Yeah, I wanted to. But you never logged on. :C
  3. Once Wild-Isle Beta got released, I got really hyped. So I figured I'd make a progress thread of what I've done in the couple days of beta. Enjoy! Updated 15.06.17 & 22.06.17 Progress Barrows First Armadyl Drop [15.06] [22.06] Boss KC [15.06] Boss KC [22.06] Bank Overview [15.06] After 98 Barrow Chests, I had more duplicates than this, but gave away most of my duplicates to Sil because he is lazy af, lol. Bank Overview [22.06] Skills & Playtime [15.06] [22.06] Suggestions Make shops a little bit more PK, than being (almost) exact as Lost-Isle Shops. I.E. Increased amount of pots, like ranging pots. Being able to go straight to PK without having to do alot of skilling would increase people's urge to pk more! But with an increased price, so skillers could make money on skilling and selling to players. Blood money shops, how to get blood money and the donor store seems very nice in my opinion. Maybe add Blood Money to bosses Rare or Very Rare Drop Table. Not having to do quests is nice, but make altar options at home useable for everyone. So you don't have to run around everytime you have to change spellbooks OR transfer ranks, so it's like Lost Isle (W1). Remove KBD teleport, so it's a risk getting there to kill it. Being able to spawn levels in beta was okay, but in live version it should NOT be a thing. Would make green dragons more active and getting maxed first a race. Making players able to have a lead and an advantage. Being able to purchase darts etc. from shops (?) Might upload a PK video later on. Looking forward for live Wild-Isle! Hope my testing through beta helped out. Gr3en

    Hell yeah, love this! #BringBackGiantSeaSnake HAHA! I'm loving the intro on your first video! @Taylor Swift
  5. Figured I'll post my old Lost-Isle video's. So new players who want to see how Lost-Isle was before, and for old players to have some nostalgia. :3 Video #1 This is probably the highest stake back in the days. This is around Zulrah release, when I was the only one with both Magma and Tanz Helm. (Yes, they were tradeable before). Video #2 One of my "best" Lost-Isle PK vids. Sorry about the text and bullshit. It was funny, in my opinion. Just skip it if you don't bother reading and lookin at it. Video #3 Just a simple guide around when Zulrah got released, some people asked for one. Video #4 To be honest, this is a horrible guide. But I'll throw it in for the trolls. Yes, doing Jad with dbow was the best thing before Zulrah and BP. LOL. Video #5 Just for #showoff. Hope you enjoyed.
  6. Place Holder suggestion!

    If it's not a huge struggle, I am #supporting this. But I am worried it might bring "dupe-options" with it. This is just a thought. If this is possible, then I'm highly supportive (:
  7. Boss Drop Tables [WIP]

    @Carcinogen Thank you!
  8. Boss Drop Tables [WIP]

    @teh ali Yeah, I know. This is still under progress. But I wanted to make this, because it's way easier than running around being curious. With this you can check while in bank and not having to take a run in wildy before having too. Well... "[WOP]" = Work in progress. I started this today, 06.06.17. *EDIT* I've now added a "WORK IN PROGRESS" Spoiler so there is easier to keep track of what's available at the moment.
  9. Boss Drop Tables [WIP]

    Lost Isle Boss Drop Tables This guide is something that I thought be helpful, when i was in exact same struggles. Now you don't have to go examine every boss to check what they drop! I hope this helps you out. Green means common Yellow means uncommon Orange means rare Red means very rare [means amount] (means droprate) WORK IN PROGRESS. Kree'arra General Graardor Commander Zilyana K'ril Tsutsaroth Lizardman Shaman Zulrah Kraken Dagannoth's King Black Dragon Kalphite Queen Giant Mole Cerberus Giant Sea Snake Chaos Elemental Venenatis Chaos Fanatic TzTok-Jad Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Corporeal Beast Callisto Scorpia Crazy Archaeologist Abyssal Sire Vet'Ion Skotizo
  10. New Clue Scroll Guide [ Master Clues Added ]

    Thank you, @iron max99!

    Ok. I'll be honest. I've never seen anything even close to this good. It's fucking amazing. I love it. #inb4NewPlayers