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  1. The detailed explanation is much appreciated, and led us to fixing it almost instantly (live on W2 right now). Clank also introduced a ::drag command to address point #2. We'll be looking into mage accuracy issues as we've seen it crop up quite often recently.
  2. Farewell Guys

    Being aware of a bug isn't always enough. Every single one of us developers have spent a lot of time on this bug in particular, synchronising state over a network is an inherently hard problem. Reversing 1 hardcore iron man death starts a chain reaction and I'm sure you understand why we don't want to do that. As always, if you have any feedback which may help feel free to hit me up.
  3. Farewell Guys

    The frustration is understandable, but others went through the exact same situation. Also, people have died on OSRS for the most ridiculous reasons (including bugs) with more hours put into the game. Just how it works.
  4. Combat Feedback Thread

    Time and time again, people complain about issues with our combat system. A lot of these complaints go unnoticed by us developers since they aren't documented anywhere. This thread should serve that exact purpose. Go ahead and give us any feedback you have on combat issues, and feel free to be ruthless. Excerpt from chat: - Dharok's needs an accuracy buff - Ticks for GMaul are wrong - Defence animation covers GMaul animation - Combat following is bad
  5. Thread Design

    I like it, but the orange-y colour scheme doesn't quite match the feel we're going for
  6. FARMING GUIDE ft. Sky

    Consider noting which mobs drop which seeds too.