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  1. I've been looking into my options when it comes to both servers lately and its blatantly clear that I don't have the means to advertise both servers at the current time. I will be looking to bring back Wild-Isle sometime in the future after I get finances sorted so I can properly advertise both worlds but in the meantime I will be solely focusing on Lost-Isle and how to proceed with it. I'll be officially closing W2 on October 10th 2017.
  2. Client Upgrade Beta

    As some of you may know we have some client related issues that can be pretty annoying such as, Zoom settings not saving when you logout, Zoom not turning off when you have a scrollable interface open e.g Bank or quest tab or what not. Some other issues include things like not being able to add new OSRS features some notable things I have are: Shift click drop and Infernal cape. Over the past few months I have slowly been working on upgrading our client to a newer revision of OSRS to fix these features and add new features that we're missing. I've gotten to a point where I really just need some help looking for bugs before I finally release it on the server, So I've decided to do a small beta to find bugs so I can patch them and get this rolled out to the live server. I'll post a link with a client soon if anyone is interested in helping me test. Download: You may notice some lag since this version is getting hosted off a very cheap VPS. How can you help? Post any bugs that you find on this thread so I can go through and fix them as I move along with this transition.
  3. [9/10/17] Updates

    Added Twisted bow, D Claws, Kodai wand, Mystery Boxes, Dice Bag and Elder maul to Donator Store w1 Changed Pest Control Required players to 2 Fixed Missing Taverly Dungeon spawns Can now cut redwood logs into arrow shafts Smoke devil only uses his range based attack now Adjusted NPC combat definitions who would never hit anything Sanfew Serum now properly cures poison Added Dust Devil Slayer Extend Fixed Weapon switching bug where your accuracy would be messed up and hit constant 0's after autocasting
  4. Donator Benefits

    Normal Donator Removed Requirement for Agility Shortcuts Ability to restore HP/Spec on altar every 2 minutes Ability to use Bones on Altar 25,000 GP instance fee for Corp instead of 150,000 Half off retrieval fee for Zulrah Free potion decanting at Bob Barter Glories will be re-charged with 6 charges instead of 4 Dragon bones and Green d'hides will become noted upon dropping from an NPC You will receive 50 vote tokens per site you vote on instead of 25 Half off entrance fee to the Resource Arena Cancelling Slayer tasks costs 15 points instead of 30 ::yell command Extreme Donator All of Normal Donator Benefits ::status command to show the status of all your current farming patches Free item retrieval from Zulrah Following item's will turn into noted form upon drop from an NPC: Dagannoth bones, Lava dragon bones, Bronze bars, Iron bars, Steel bars, Mithril bars, Wyvern bones, Uncut diamonds, Uncut rubies, Uncut emeralds, Uncut sapphires Ability to change spellbooks on the Home Altar X2 Pest Control Points, Stacks with events e.g if doing a 2x event for server you get 4x Home altar restores run energy and removes venom 15% Faster Farming on all patches Cancelling Tasks costs 10 slayer points Access to the Extreme Donator Store
  5. Rain YouTube video!

    Awesome video thanks for supporting the server and making them
  6. [9/3/17] Updates

    Added Diverse Dungeons which can all be accessed via the Wizard at home no longer requiring a Slayer ring to enter the cave(s) Added the Mining Guild Expansion which includes Amethyst Mining and the bank downstairs Players can now create Amethyst arrows, bolts, and javelins through the mining, crafting, fletching skills Players can now dismantle Magic fang, Tanzanite fang and Serpentine visage for 20,000 Zulrah scales Fixed Agility shortcuts that were not working e.g Taverly pipes Fixed ladders leading down to the mining guild
  7. [8/16/17] Updates

  8. skiller jad suggestions

    The reason clues scrolls are longer on here is because they are much harder on OSRS compared to Lost-Isle, Also the original amount we put for clue scrolls is in the database and could potentially cause issues with players accounts if we edit the clue scroll minimum/maximum length
  9. love and miss you hmu on skype fam

  10. Create a folder on your desktop name it anything you want. Inside the folder paste the helper client you downloaded, Download the attached "Start Client.bat" and move it into the folder you created with the client in it Run the "Start Client.bat" and you should be able to move the client freely If you can't download the file please put the containing code in a file called "Start Client.bat" and save it: @echo off start javaw -jar -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true Lost-Isle-Client.jar Start Client.bat
  11. [7/30/17] IsleKit

    This week myself and Coors have been working very hard to bring you guys a Helper client that you guys have requested. We've put in over 40-50 hours this past weekend alone just to finish this in a timely manner to keep on track of releasing Wild-Isle soon. Below are some pictures as well as some of the current plugins we have for you. Download: Simply re-download from the website! Current plugin list: Loot Overlay Remember me Skill boosts Combat timers Trade notifier AFK Mention notifier First Action Overlay World Map Death Marker NPC Marker Slayer Overlay Agility Overlay Combat Overlay
  12. [W2 7/24/17]] Updates

    Presets now have dialogue if your inventory or equipmen't isn't empty asking you if you'd like to override your current inventory/equipment Implemented proper dragon claws anim/gfx Kicked members from a clan chat will now be banned from that clan chat for 60 minutes(Both worlds) Added Augury, Rigour, Preserve Every hour on World 2 a Random boss(Not any wilderness bosses) will spawn in the Wilderness, A notification will be sent server wide saying the wilderness level of the boss. Players who kill the boss will receive between 15k and 20k blood money.
  13. [W2] Changes + Combat Fixes

    Fixed ticking issue with special bar, Clicking special bar while switching a weapon now will queue the special bar to be switched when the item switching is finished Added Xp drops to Gmaul Previously magic would do a random hit between 1 and your current hitpoints not allowing for higher hits making it much harder to kill an opponent with magic, You can now hit higher as the damage isn't capped to whatever your current hit points is (even though the damage you hit will be whatever hp you had since the hit was greater than your hitpoints e.g If you were supposed to hit a 21 and you have 19 hp left, The hit will show 19 even though you rolled a 21) Tweaked Magic accuracy a tad seems to be more realistic and more predictable Prayers are now an action on w2 and are queued as well as other prayers you turn on to stop them from being cancelled when doing an action, Please let me know if you find any other issues with it on w2. Sanfew serum now cures venom as well as poison All Shops that don't use coins are free except the Supply shop Fixed Dagannoth Prime + Supreme damage calculations to happen when the animation happens and not when the projectile arrives Fixed a bug with Potions/Food cancelling Item switching Added icons above a player's head depending on their killstreak New players will have their combat xp rate set to x150 automatically (Both worlds) Upcoming: We'll be re-doing the presets soon as well as adding predetermined presets for certain combat styles; Hybrid, Melee, Tank, Pure etc. Bank preset will contain more useful items from the free stores More combat related fixes! Please continue reporting them so myself and coors can look into them ASAP.
  14. [7/17/17] Updates

    Duo/Partner slayer has been added Player's can get a partner by using the partner option on the Enchanted gem Upon clicking new Partner it will ask for a player's name to send a request to that Player displaying these options After accepting upon re-opening the partner option you will see the following The following thing's must come true so that you both have the same slayer task Both players must currently not have a Slayer task Both players must have the required Slayer level for the NPC being chosen as the task, Example: Player A has 99 slayer, Player B has 45 Slayer If Player A goes to get a Partner task and gets Abyssal Demons the task will only be set for Player A and will not be counted as a Partner/Duo task Upon gaining a Slayer Partner and the following above being true you will now get 2x the amount of a regular task and will be rewarded with slayer experience depending on how much damage you do to an NPC, Example: We're killing abby demons and I do 75% of the damage and you do 25% of the damage, I will gain 75% of the rewarded experience for the kill and you will receive 25% Upon completing your Duo task you will be rewarded per usual with slayer points. If a player logs out or is disconnected/Dismisses their partner, The task will continue as a solo task for both players. Fixed Instanced corp has been broken since the clan chat/pm update Fixed Spectral spirit shield effect at Cerberus Fixed Minnow fishing bug where you could spam click the spot for minnows Started on a trivia system for potential rewards in the future
  15. [7/9/17-7/15/17] Updates

    Adjusted some NPC bonuses (Bandos, Zammy, Dagannoth's) Removed Drop announcements for players bossing in an instance Fixed Phoenix pet(was null) Fixed Donation store claiming Fixed Highscores issues Fixed Eternal slayer ring options Changed price for w2 Mystery box Examining Mystery box on w2 now shows drop table Fixed PvM Magic damage (Was previously not applying effects of certain items) Added GFX to Imbued heart as well as timer when you try to use it Implemented Ourania Teleport and Spin flax spell Changed amount of Soul runes in Mage bank rune store Increased Corp drop rate just a tad (Previous rate was getting 4 sigils in an average of 1k kills on a drop rate of 1-800 and 1-1200) Implemented Double death runes and Double law runes Speed for Unfinished Potions has been changed to 1 tick like OSRS Added Fishing Guild Expansion, Players can now fish minnows with a fishing level of 82 and trade them in for raw sharks at a rate of 40:1