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  1. Get 200m hunter before maxing
  2. Superior Slayer encounter have been added, They have a 1-200 chance of spawning after killing one of the select NPC's while on your slayer task. NPC's: Crawling hand Cave crawler Banshee/Twisted Banshee Bloodveld/Mutated Bloodveld Pyrefiend Abyssal demon Dark beast Gargoyle Dust devil Kurask Cave horror Aberrant Spectre/Deviant Spectre Basilisk Cockatrice Nechryael Smoke devil Item's added: Imbued heart: Boosts your magic by 1 + 10% of magic level once every 7 minutes Dust battlestaff: When equipped provides an infinite amount of air and earth runes Mist battlestaff: When equipped provides an infinite amount of air and water runes Eternal gem: When used on a chisel creates an Eternal Slayer ring which grants the user unlimited usages Superior slayer npc's give the normal osrs xp * 10 (Example: Bloodvelds give 2900 xp on osrs, 29,000 on lost-isle upon death)
  3. Haven't done a sale in a while I told players i'd do a sale on Friday so here it is, 20% off till 12am Sunday!
  4. Implemented new Purple Slayer helmet can be made after receiving Dark claw from Skotizo Skotos the boss pet from Skotizo has been added Braziers now have a 5 second delay before potentially breaking after being fixed Flames will now do 10 damage each to Snowstorm instead of 5 Experience gained at wintertodt for adding logs/branches to a brazier will now be determined by Firemaking level (firemakingLevel * 100) Fixed jewelry crafting x option
  5. As of a few days ago Coors and Twelve have returned to Lost-Isle and we've decided to go with separate worlds to satisfy other types of players. Lost-Isle in its current state is a great PvM server that is great for players who enjoy a grind and working for progress, On the other hand it doesn't really work for the PvP type players who really enjoy the PvP aspect of RSPS... So we've decided to make a separate world and completely make Lost-Isle and this untitled Second world completely work together. Some examples I can provide would be: If we fix combat on this untitled PvP server the changes would be instantly added to Lost-Isle, If we add new content to this PvP server that is intended for both servers both servers will receive this content, If we add content to Lost-Isle the Untitled PvP server will obtain this content and so forth. Plan: Make an enjoyable PvP Experience for all types of players, This server will not be spawn but will be way easier compared to the current state of Lost-Isle (Higher drop rates, Higher xp rates, Disabled lunar diplomacy/desert treasure) Fix the current state of combat for both servers Completely integrate multiple-worlds into Lost-Isle so we can have multi-world pming/clan chat and potentially name changes with the new upgrade as well as finish Dead-Isle during the summer. Make Lost-Isle Great Again Release Date: TBA
  6. Link doesnt work fam
  7. Link: http://lost-isle.com/wintertodt.jar When you login please get ready to start the minigame and I will enable it when we have a few people, I will hide this post when the beta is closed we will probably be testing today and maybe tomorrow. Things to look for: Do timer's seem accurate(E.G do you get damaged too often, Do the braziers brake too often, Do the Pyromancers go down too often etc..) Any bugs revolving around the boss's mechanics whether it be death/health/interface or anything else Any inconsistencies in the fluidity of the minigame itself compared to OSRS Do you get the proper experience for each task you complete Do you get proper points for completing actions
  8. I'm still working on Wintertodt but some people told me the server had a bit of lag so I thought i'd go ahead and release a few of the extra things Myself and Remi worked on the past few weeks Removed multiple clan chat's as it's not really needed until the point comes where we have more players in which case it'll return. Removed Ruantuan in favor of the new Ironman Interface which has the option to choose Hardcore Removed the Client Background until I can purchase a new one Changed Pet rate @ dark essence to 1-10000 instead of 1-3500 Fixed Message for Sacred eel disecting, Changed ticks as well Dense chiseling and Sacred Eel disecting will now do your full inventory instead of 1 by 1
  9. I've been putting in some work into the next update, I gotta say this turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected.. #1 Adding new interfaces from OSRS, I didn't really expect this to be an issue as i can literally just use any OSRS cache but then I realized that Jagex is chaging some main things that could cause issues and make me have to re-write major things taking me even longer ex; Duel Arena, Quest interface if I were to upgrade to the latest OSRS cache I'd have to completely remove the Quest interface the way it is now and I'd prefer to keep it. So what I decided to do was try and figure out how I can add single interfaces from OSRS to Lost-Isle using some of my tools that I've created and I think i'm onto something.... Update #2 WINTERTODT I've decided to give it my best shot and try to program Wintertodt as it seems fairly interesting and I don't think we have enough minigame content on the server as we only have Duel Arena, Pest Control, Barrows, Warriors guild... Wintertodt should provide a fun alternative to get rewards and gain experience as you progress(If people actually do it and don't make me waste my time programming it... Kappa?) Current Checklist(Could be missing some, Strike means done): Interface Brazier Brazier Lighting + Shooting Brazier Breaking + Repairing Pyromancers Dialogue Sitting down when dead Healed with Rejuvenation potion Miscellanious Points system for completing actions Item chests to loot from Reward interface + crates Chopping roots + Picking Bruma herb Randomly damaged from Wintertodt based on HP level Cutting Bruma root into Bruma kindling
  10. Some Drops have been updated(Click Spoiler to see): Fixed Kandarin diary perk for MoG no longer requires you to be wearing the reward to get the perk. Onyx bracelet crafting has been fixed(Still not equipable in its standard form, To Equip it you need to enchant it) Added a new XP mode for players who don't want to instantly get 200m in combat's the new XP mode is x5 Fixed Monk's robes (g) prayer bonus and Clueless Scroll Walk/Stand/Run Animations. Added Ring of Nature to the Elite clue table. Added a toggle to the Ring of Suffering so players can now enable/disable the recoil feature at will. Fixed a Price checker bug where you could open the Price checker mid teleport and insert items Fixed tormented bracelet bracelet Magic damage bonus effect Added Chinchompas teleport to the max cape can teleport you to Red or Black Chinchompas Fixed the Max Cape teleport animation to be consistent and use the same Animation everytime.
  11. Voting has been re-done players now get rewarded for each site they vote for. Kent now has a voting store and is also the person to talk to after voting to claim your vote reward Website sided voting has been updated to be more clean and user friendly Players will now get rewarded Vote tokens 25 for each site you vote for, 50 if you are a donator. Skilling outfits have been added to the Vote store and cost 500 points each piece they all have the experience bonuses. Cave krakens should make players auto retaliate once they attack a player (Please inform me of other NPC's with this similiar issue) Fixed Onyx bracelet crafting(was giving the wrong id, If you have the wrong one with no equip options talk to an admin)
  12. yo check ur pms i send u a msg

  13. March 1st, A day in which I created Lost-Isle after leaving OxidePkz as a Developer/Co-Owner and decided to go my own way. March 1st was the day that outdoors donated $20 to me so I could purchase a VPS and continue my work from OxidePkz and try to make an enjoyable server for people to play and for myself to learn more as a programmer, back then I was a terrible programmer and had no hope in sight for Lost-Isle until Nine, Twelve and Coors came into the picture I've known nine and twelve since 2009 when I was 12-13 years old and let me tell you they are some of the greatest guys I know when it comes to personalities and programming knowledge working with them has been nothing but amazing, Coors also brought some of the best innovation when it came to lost-isle I must say before he got here the server wouldn't have gotten far without him he was a huge help in making some of the key functions of the server. When I was younger I would always try to get involved with them programming and I'd just be left out of the loop as I had little to no knowledge of programming at the time and I was of no value to them, but over the past 2 years they've helped me make extensive leaps as a programmer in being able to maintain Lost-Isle and even produce things by myself without any assistance. I really gotta say I never thought I could own a Server for 2 years, like wow 2 whole years that is just amazing that I've had the opportunity to make a great server for you guys that you guys can play on and just be satisfied just knowing that people enjoy something that I program on just makes me extremely happy. When we first started the current server after deciding to end the 317 we really had no idea where the server was going to go from that point as Nine went back to college and Twelve was really just overlooking me and helping me when he had the chance I was really the only person putting in 40-50 hours a week into preparing the server for a beta in October 2015 I made tons of mistakes and also learned so much as a programmer in that period, Also I cant emphasize this enough but Nine, Twelve and Coors are three of the greatest people that I've ever met online and I just can't say thank you enough for pushing me to be a better programmer and teaching me wrong from right. Another shoutout to all the people who've been along through the ride regardless if you've played 2 months or 2 years thanks for supporting myself and the Lost-Isle team and playing the server we've all put so much time into creating. Sorry for ranting so long I am really just so happy that I've been able to do this for 2 whole years and am sincerely grateful regardless if we have 5 players or 200. Thank you all so much. ~Clank1337 & Lost-Isle Team
  14. Show some love for effigy and like the video and leave a comment
  15. Fixed Cerberus and Kraken multiple spawn issue Fixed some item noting issues Moved Telekentic Guardian away from Wizard Distentor Fixed looting bag bugs to potentially xfer untradable items Fixed GE bug where Ironmen could use the 'Collect' feature Fixed Player pathfinding when Walking to an NPC (Noclipping through walls.) Implemented Broader Fletching so players can now purchase Unfinished broad bolts from Vannaka and make Broad bolts. Lowered Hunter pet rates as they didnt match other Pet rates. Fixed Player name issue with Clue geodes and nests Implemented Hardcore ironman armour to Paul Added Extend Ankou & Mithril Dragon Tasks (If we're missing any extensions please inform walkie or myself so we can finish off all the extensions) Fixed god d'hide boots range bonus New poll to decide future updates