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    diy menno

    osbuddy features

    timers drops on ground exp/hour thing
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    skiller jad

    osbuddy features

    Please comment below on what os-buddy features you would like to see on lost-isle. (Here is a link for some of features they have https://rsbuddy.com/osbuddy/features) my list: better hp bar item on ground overlay Slayer task counter
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    osbuddy features

    Timers Helpful timers to improve your experience whilst 'scaping eg: Veng, freezes, potions. Item Overlay Displays names and quantities of nearby items on the ground. Slayer Displays your current task, the amount remaining, and where the monster is within the game and minimap. Max Hit Displays your max melee hit in your equipment screen. Virtual Levels Show virtual levels within the stats tab. Only the bottom number will be changed. Rune Pouch Displays the contents of your rune pouch. Cannonballs Lets you know how many cannonballs you have remaining. Bank Tags Allows you to add searchable tags to items within your bank. PvP Info Allows you to see a health bar (top left like npcs) & you can see their stats when in combat with them. Death Marker Marks the location you died on the minimap perhaps add a yellow marker since we don't currently have a world map. Attack Style Displays which attack style you are currently on. Boss Respawn Timers Displays a timer showing how long certain bosses have before respawning. Special attack orb Displays the amount of special energy remaining on a minimap orb. Prayer Draws a circle around the prayer orb when quick prayers are active. Will edit this if i can think of more
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    The detailed explanation is much appreciated, and led us to fixing it almost instantly (live on W2 right now). Clank also introduced a ::drag command to address point #2. We'll be looking into mage accuracy issues as we've seen it crop up quite often recently.
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    UIM Link

    osbuddy features

    - Hunter overlay - Agility outlining - impling finder - Clue scroll loot amount (Tells you how much money that clue is worth)
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    skiller jad

    Nerdy Achievement #2

    well as if the last achievement wasnt nerdy enough here is another one From this i received 12,192 marks of grace and all 7 colored graceful sets! onward to the next achievement!
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    [W2 7/24/17]] Updates

    Presets now have dialogue if your inventory or equipmen't isn't empty asking you if you'd like to override your current inventory/equipment Implemented proper dragon claws anim/gfx Kicked members from a clan chat will now be banned from that clan chat for 60 minutes(Both worlds) Added Augury, Rigour, Preserve Every hour on World 2 a Random boss(Not any wilderness bosses) will spawn in the Wilderness, A notification will be sent server wide saying the wilderness level of the boss. Players who kill the boss will receive between 15k and 20k blood money.
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    When a Scammer Fails.... Ft. Harry

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    osbuddy features

    Agility click Locations
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    Magic Cape

    Magic skillcape perk that allows you to switch spellbooks Would be useful for burst tasks that drop a ton of alchables (dust devils, abyssal demons, nechryael, etc etc)
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    It's quite blatant the issue here, for whatever reason when queuing another action (mainly movement) after equipping an item, the server just kind of skips, or queue's the action into some sort of list, the intended interaction is for the item to be equipped, and then for the movement input to be carried out, this is extremely important in high level PvP, and not only Hybridding/Nhing. Movement is a key aspect in runescape PvP nowadays and this plain and simple doesn't look very appealing to any of the pvp community. ~~on a side note, some lighter suggestions would be; 1 . a small buff to mage accuracy, (just go try to cast on someone in k top and firecape you'll notice it) 2 . Item dragging threshold customization, i'm not too smart when it comes to the scripting side but i do believe it's all client sided, and there more than likely is a snippet for the command which will allow players to customize it themselves. --combat has come a long way from when i last played this source months and months back, but a few more tweaks could really push it towards one of the better osrs (private server) combat systems available for players to pick from.
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    [W2] Changes + Combat Fixes

    Fixed ticking issue with special bar, Clicking special bar while switching a weapon now will queue the special bar to be switched when the item switching is finished Added Xp drops to Gmaul Previously magic would do a random hit between 1 and your current hitpoints not allowing for higher hits making it much harder to kill an opponent with magic, You can now hit higher as the damage isn't capped to whatever your current hit points is (even though the damage you hit will be whatever hp you had since the hit was greater than your hitpoints e.g If you were supposed to hit a 21 and you have 19 hp left, The hit will show 19 even though you rolled a 21) Tweaked Magic accuracy a tad seems to be more realistic and more predictable Prayers are now an action on w2 and are queued as well as other prayers you turn on to stop them from being cancelled when doing an action, Please let me know if you find any other issues with it on w2. Sanfew serum now cures venom as well as poison All Shops that don't use coins are free except the Supply shop Fixed Dagannoth Prime + Supreme damage calculations to happen when the animation happens and not when the projectile arrives Fixed a bug with Potions/Food cancelling Item switching Added icons above a player's head depending on their killstreak New players will have their combat xp rate set to x150 automatically (Both worlds) Upcoming: We'll be re-doing the presets soon as well as adding predetermined presets for certain combat styles; Hybrid, Melee, Tank, Pure etc. Bank preset will contain more useful items from the free stores More combat related fixes! Please continue reporting them so myself and coors can look into them ASAP.
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    [7/17/17] Updates

    Duo/Partner slayer has been added Player's can get a partner by using the partner option on the Enchanted gem Upon clicking new Partner it will ask for a player's name to send a request to that Player displaying these options After accepting upon re-opening the partner option you will see the following The following thing's must come true so that you both have the same slayer task Both players must currently not have a Slayer task Both players must have the required Slayer level for the NPC being chosen as the task, Example: Player A has 99 slayer, Player B has 45 Slayer If Player A goes to get a Partner task and gets Abyssal Demons the task will only be set for Player A and will not be counted as a Partner/Duo task Upon gaining a Slayer Partner and the following above being true you will now get 2x the amount of a regular task and will be rewarded with slayer experience depending on how much damage you do to an NPC, Example: We're killing abby demons and I do 75% of the damage and you do 25% of the damage, I will gain 75% of the rewarded experience for the kill and you will receive 25% Upon completing your Duo task you will be rewarded per usual with slayer points. If a player logs out or is disconnected/Dismisses their partner, The task will continue as a solo task for both players. Fixed Instanced corp has been broken since the clan chat/pm update Fixed Spectral spirit shield effect at Cerberus Fixed Minnow fishing bug where you could spam click the spot for minnows Started on a trivia system for potential rewards in the future