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  3. ye dood, gives me loads of adventages :]
  4. Get 200m hunter before maxing
  5. Last week
  6. just be a pro and doooo it... that is the only tip i can give you my old friend!
  7. Get the most boring and tedious skills out of the way as quick as you can(Hunter, Mining, etc etc) Having fun skills left gives you more incentive to want to get the boring ones out of the way as quickly as you can because the entire time you're looking forward to getting back onto the fun skills like slayer.
  8. get gud, thats my tip
  9. I have been playing this server for over a year now. And everyone knows me as the ironman Diy Menno. some of you know this already but most don't , the account called Menno is actually the first account I have ever made. And in my opinion its a shame it has this shit stats and gear. Sooooooooooooooooo.......... Welcome to my maxing thread I'll try and possibly achieve to max this account and turn my main into a quite good account. I'll post an update every sunday evening (for me) sunday may 21: if anyone has some tips & recommendations for me, hit me up in game. - Menno
  10. "now" has been there before u were even born bro
  11. it's ok.. ive seen better
  12. Superior Slayer encounter have been added, They have a 1-200 chance of spawning after killing one of the select NPC's while on your slayer task. NPC's: Crawling hand Cave crawler Banshee/Twisted Banshee Bloodveld/Mutated Bloodveld Pyrefiend Abyssal demon Dark beast Gargoyle Dust devil Kurask Cave horror Aberrant Spectre/Deviant Spectre Basilisk Cockatrice Nechryael Smoke devil Item's added: Imbued heart: Boosts your magic by 1 + 10% of magic level once every 7 minutes Dust battlestaff: When equipped provides an infinite amount of air and earth runes Mist battlestaff: When equipped provides an infinite amount of air and water runes Eternal gem: When used on a chisel creates an Eternal Slayer ring which grants the user unlimited usages Superior slayer npc's give the normal osrs xp * 10 (Example: Bloodvelds give 2900 xp on osrs, 29,000 on lost-isle upon death)
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  14. i dare u
  15. You won't alch it.
  16. Good video, goodluck with everything. Careful on the prayer.
  17. awesome guide, really putting in work for this I can see.
  19. Haven't done a sale in a while I told players i'd do a sale on Friday so here it is, 20% off till 12am Sunday!
  20. we now have a discord server if you would like to join just click this link https://discord.gg/nsJgU4M
  21. you forgot the level 80 tier for agility
  22. - Runecrafting - Agility ( DONE ) - Farming ( DONE ) - Herblore ( DONE ) - Firemaking - Cooking - Crafting ( DONE ) - Fishing - Fletching - Hunter - Mining - Smithing - Thieving - Woodcutting
  23. im with guthan's legs but i got chicken instead
  24. Implemented new Purple Slayer helmet can be made after receiving Dark claw from Skotizo Skotos the boss pet from Skotizo has been added Braziers now have a 5 second delay before potentially breaking after being fixed Flames will now do 10 damage each to Snowstorm instead of 5 Experience gained at wintertodt for adding logs/branches to a brazier will now be determined by Firemaking level (firemakingLevel * 100) Fixed jewelry crafting x option
  25. Awesome progress, shame about the pray bug gettin ya. Lookin forward to the next one.
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