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  2. Closing W2 until further notice

    Rip wild-isle.
  3. I've been looking into my options when it comes to both servers lately and its blatantly clear that I don't have the means to advertise both servers at the current time. I will be looking to bring back Wild-Isle sometime in the future after I get finances sorted so I can properly advertise both worlds but in the meantime I will be solely focusing on Lost-Isle and how to proceed with it. I'll be officially closing W2 on October 10th 2017.
  4. Client Upgrade Beta

    9/19/2017 Can't Purchase items from the grand exchange. When attempting to sell items on the grand exchange your items just disappear. Can't deposit X items, When trying to deposit all, it comes up with the X items interface Can't "Withdraw all but one" takes all your items out, "Withdraw All" Does nothing. Falador is non-existant ( information tab isn't here. Altar at home is missing the change spellbook features ( poll booth is completely blank ( "Clicking items on death" brings this up ( When setting your F keys up, "ESC closes current interface" doesnt work. 9/20/2017 Taverly dungeon needs to be redone ( Brimhaven dungeon needs to be redone ( Slayer tower needs to be redone ( World map doesnt work when you click on it Canafis needs to be redone ( Smoke Devil dungeon needs to be redone ( Chasm of Fire, Stronghold Slayer Cave and Kraken Cove teleports don't work, & the dungeons are black if you go to them. Barrows, Warriors Guild & Pest Control teleports don't work. All npcs are only meleeing you instead of doing their usual attacks. Kbd lair needs to be redone ( Zulrah, Giant Mole & Lizardman shaman Teleports don't work. Entrana, Shilo village & Saltpetre teleports don't work. East Dragons, West Dragons, Chaos Elemental & Snake Bank teleports don't work.
  5. Client Upgrade Beta

    i'll do my best
  6. Client Upgrade Beta

    I'll be down!
  7. Client Upgrade Beta

    I'm willing to help test this as well
  8. Client Upgrade Beta

    I'll gladly help test it
  9. Client Upgrade Beta

    I'm down to test it
  10. Client Upgrade Beta

    As some of you may know we have some client related issues that can be pretty annoying such as, Zoom settings not saving when you logout, Zoom not turning off when you have a scrollable interface open e.g Bank or quest tab or what not. Some other issues include things like not being able to add new OSRS features some notable things I have are: Shift click drop and Infernal cape. Over the past few months I have slowly been working on upgrading our client to a newer revision of OSRS to fix these features and add new features that we're missing. I've gotten to a point where I really just need some help looking for bugs before I finally release it on the server, So I've decided to do a small beta to find bugs so I can patch them and get this rolled out to the live server. I'll post a link with a client soon if anyone is interested in helping me test. Download: You may notice some lag since this version is getting hosted off a very cheap VPS. How can you help? Post any bugs that you find on this thread so I can go through and fix them as I move along with this transition.
  11. fixes and suggestions by Future

    1. When making amethyst arrow tips we should get some crafting exp (on osrs it's 60 exp per set of 15) 2.The exp on the spin flax spell is really bad, you can get around 350k exp an hour and it is a very click intensive way to train crafting 3.the pj timer at wyverns are sooo bad ... 4.making armour sets would be a great way to save space in your bank waiting for the construction update 5.We have been wanting Zahur into the game for a long time, if it could be added soon would be appreciated.(npc that puts herbs into vials of water for 200 ea) 6.with the update of ensouled heads, a great item would be soul bearer to send our heads to bank 7.changing the servant's moneybags at redwoods would be a lot better if it were actual redwood trees 8.finishing exp tracker with all the utilities
  12. [9/10/17] Updates

    Added Twisted bow, D Claws, Kodai wand, Mystery Boxes, Dice Bag and Elder maul to Donator Store w1 Changed Pest Control Required players to 2 Fixed Missing Taverly Dungeon spawns Can now cut redwood logs into arrow shafts Smoke devil only uses his range based attack now Adjusted NPC combat definitions who would never hit anything Sanfew Serum now properly cures poison Added Dust Devil Slayer Extend Fixed Weapon switching bug where your accuracy would be messed up and hit constant 0's after autocasting
  13. Donator Benefits

    Normal Donator Removed Requirement for Agility Shortcuts Ability to restore HP/Spec on altar every 2 minutes Ability to use Bones on Altar 25,000 GP instance fee for Corp instead of 150,000 Half off retrieval fee for Zulrah Free potion decanting at Bob Barter Glories will be re-charged with 6 charges instead of 4 Dragon bones and Green d'hides will become noted upon dropping from an NPC You will receive 50 vote tokens per site you vote on instead of 25 Half off entrance fee to the Resource Arena Cancelling Slayer tasks costs 15 points instead of 30 ::yell command Extreme Donator All of Normal Donator Benefits ::status command to show the status of all your current farming patches Free item retrieval from Zulrah Following item's will turn into noted form upon drop from an NPC: Dagannoth bones, Lava dragon bones, Bronze bars, Iron bars, Steel bars, Mithril bars, Wyvern bones, Uncut diamonds, Uncut rubies, Uncut emeralds, Uncut sapphires Ability to change spellbooks on the Home Altar X2 Pest Control Points, Stacks with events e.g if doing a 2x event for server you get 4x Home altar restores run energy and removes venom 15% Faster Farming on all patches Cancelling Tasks costs 10 slayer points Access to the Extreme Donator Store
  14. Thread of Suggestions!

    tbh about the swapping dpulicate items for one you dont have or only 1 have isnt a good idea. in my opinion it defeats the purpose of being a iron man and getting your own items. i do like the slayer suggestion
  15. Rain YouTube video!

    Nice video man, might start making some myself!
  16. Thread of Suggestions!

    The purpose in my eyes would be based around for example, I have like 4 Karil's bows but 1 K Top, i'd just ideally like a placeholder and would be happy to trade multiple items in for one item. I think I didn't make it clear that they'd need to have the item already that they want to get from swapping, it was just a random idea I had and jotted it down quickly tbh lol.
  17. Thread of Suggestions!

    I don't understand the "Ironmen swap shop" ironmen do not ruin the economy in any way {Unless drop traded} so why should they be allowed to trade in 2 veracs flails for a veracs helmet? I kinda like the idea in a way but I also don't because iron man / ultimate iron man mode is a challenge to get your own items. If you could please explain more about the swap shop and how it would benefit ironman / ultimate ironman mode without defeating the purpose of getting your own items.
  18. Rain YouTube video!

    Awesome video thanks for supporting the server and making them
  19. Magic Cape

    bump bump the people have spoken bump
  20. [9/3/17] Updates

    Added Diverse Dungeons which can all be accessed via the Wizard at home no longer requiring a Slayer ring to enter the cave(s) Added the Mining Guild Expansion which includes Amethyst Mining and the bank downstairs Players can now create Amethyst arrows, bolts, and javelins through the mining, crafting, fletching skills Players can now dismantle Magic fang, Tanzanite fang and Serpentine visage for 20,000 Zulrah scales Fixed Agility shortcuts that were not working e.g Taverly pipes Fixed ladders leading down to the mining guild
  21. Magic Cape

  22. Magic Cape

  23. Magic Cape

  24. Magic Cape

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