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  2. Some minor bug's

    1: bug is the minimap it's blank and has no icon's like bank dollar sign's and stuff Pic: 2:Scimitar's are 1 bar ea were they should be 2. 3:Making fire with a log and tinderbox give's xp but u don't see the fire u made.
  3. Raids, Inferno, Construction, etc.

    This is gonna be wicked!
  4. AFK Mention Notifier

    boo fucking hoo
  5. AFK Mention Notifier

    irl > lost isle
  6. AFK Mention Notifier

    All staff members should have to have the AFK Mention Notifier on at all times. I get that you may be busy doing other things such as working on behind the scenes stuff for lost-isle, but players in-game need help and shouldn't have to wait hours upon hours to get your attention. You can spare a few minutes out of your time to help someone in-game because when a player sees you online they will message you for help and most of the time are left unanswered because you're AFK for so long.
  8. Last week
  9. Raids, Inferno, Construction, etc.

    #lit #developergoals #cantwait
  10. P.S Their raids is the same shit over and over :]
  11. Raids, Inferno, Construction, etc.

    Hell yeah! P.S. There is a server with Raids and Inferno
  12. reporting dismantled.

    or just dont stake ;]
  13. Raids, Inferno, Construction, etc.

    #excited #proud #gottaskillagainfordamnmaxcapeffs
  14. Oh damn, looks nice af, good job guys
  15. reporting dismantled.

    lets me give you a tip: ALWAYS RECORD YOUR RISK FIGHTS/STAKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people don't do this all the time and blame staff later , like wtf! staff can't do shit because they are a mid team, but if you got a recording of him scamming you, you got proof brooooo.
  16. As of late, many players have asked me why we haven't seen any updates. In this post, I will give everyone a few answers. Q. What are our plans? A. Right now we are in the midst of releasing multiple huge updates. Something the RSPS community has never seen before. To our knowledge, and with a lot of poking around and looking at what our competition has in terms of this subject, we are 100% confident that no other private server has this feature. This is 100% accurate and proper raids. With that being said, there is still more news. We will also be finishing "The Inferno", and also the Construction skill. We will be finishing construction as a 100% replica of OSRS mechanics, with a possibility of our own little additions. Inferno will be programmed to replicate OSRS, we are not sure if any other server has it programmed 100%, but, we are hoping to be the first. We have also been hard at work fixing all bugs we have encountered, and we still have a big list to go through. All of the above-listed features will be completed in the order of Raids, Inferno, Construction. Q. Where are we with fixing our combat system? A. While working on raids, we will be going back to combat here and there. Changing, testing, and trying to replicate OSRS to our best ability. Q. When will all of this be done? A. As of right now, we do not have a set date. While working on a project the size of raids, there will be issues encountered we could never have predicted. Our wish is to have at least raids finished within the next 2 weeks. Remember, in this time we will also be working on other issues and content as we see fit. We hope that you are all very excited for our upcoming content! Post any other questions you may have in the comment section below. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Here are some pictures for everyone.
  17. reporting dismantled.

    Sorry bro but you have to confirm the weapons you're using for the duel. He can argue than he wasn't clear on the rules of the stake so I don't think anything will be done about this.
  18. reporting dismantled.

    also sorry about the quality of the first picture, I only got it at the end because I didn't realise he was using tent until the end :L
  19. reporting dismantled for scamming me for 110k @ duel arena we did dds-reg whip and he used a tent, other people can confirm this + I have a picture of him using the whip, I confronted him afterwards and he tried using the excuse "you should've got me to agree" but before I was ddsing him + some other people with those rules + I verbally said multiple times that I was ddsing-reg whip, I never once said dds-tent, that in itself is an agreement, I don't need to confirm what I've already been saying, I told him I wouldn't report it if he did a rematch but unfortunately 5 minutes after he did it he logged out, so clearly he's guilty, no excuses to why he scammed me. also added another picture of him being a cancer shit, "unlucky you lost" then when I said he cheated he says "chav" ":)" and literally 3-5 mins after he says this he logs...

    I think its me

    So who won..?
  22. Jono's Introduction

    Yesterday ingame all you were doing was flaming people who beat you in the wilderness and complaining about how terrible the combat system is. What changed?
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