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    • bout a year late with this one.
    • Oh shit waddup   OT: Not a huge fan of PvP myself but for the server, it will be a big upgrade and in return I feel like there will be a flock of players coming in.
    • As of a few days ago Coors and Twelve have returned to Lost-Isle and we've decided to go with separate worlds to satisfy other types of players. Lost-Isle in its current state is a great PvM server that is great for players who enjoy a grind and working for progress, On the other hand it doesn't really work for the PvP type players who really enjoy the PvP aspect of RSPS... So we've decided to make a separate world and completely make Lost-Isle and this untitled Second world completely work together. Some examples I can provide would be: If we fix combat on this untitled PvP server the changes would be instantly added to Lost-Isle, If we add new content to this PvP server that is intended for both servers both servers will receive this content, If we add content to Lost-Isle the Untitled PvP server will obtain this content and so forth.   Plan: Make an enjoyable PvP Experience for all types of players, This server will not be spawn but will be way easier compared to the current state of Lost-Isle (Higher drop rates, Higher xp rates, Disabled lunar diplomacy/desert treasure) Fix the current state of combat for both servers Completely integrate multiple-worlds into Lost-Isle so we can have multi-world pming/clan chat and potentially name changes with the new upgrade as well as finish Dead-Isle during the summer. Make Lost-Isle Great Again Release Date: TBA
    •    Ingame name: Cody52                                                 Total level: 1900                                                 Gamemode: Normal                                                 Why you want to join Synergy: I would like to join a clan who is known for it's high tier of PvM'ing as well as it's high requirements.                                                 Any additional info: I am currently on the road to max as well as an avid PvM'er who will PvM on his free time whenever he can